By the time you read this, Italy will be probably in or about to go into its second lockdown.

It looks like it will be an incredibly tough winter for everyone, both on the economical and health side of things.

So many of you love Venice so much, but this year has been especially hard for all of us here: remember that the bad times did not really start in March 2020, but rather in November 2019 with the Acqua Granda.




Not just restaurants and hotel are suffering, but also artisans and artists.

I have no solution on helping my friends from the various restaurants and hotels in Venice, but I can offer a little help to some of the people I know in the arts and crafts.

How? Well, suggesting you all to get a different sort of Christmas presents for this crazy 2020: Venice Themed gifts for your friends and family.

Gifts that will bring a bit of Venice to you and your loved ones and at the same time will help concretely some Venetians.

So forget about Amazon this year for Christmas, help Venice and the Venetians for real instead!

Here is my selection of 10 + 1 Artisan made Christmas gift ideas from Venice, my favourite ones: some you already know from previous posts, but also some new entries; I am sure all over the net you will find some more and I am sure you can also recommend some to your friends and family!

Note: I am not getting any commission or backhands on any of their sales for mentioning these people  – they are friends and it is my way to help during such hard times!

The list is in alphabetical order as not to show any preference for one or another!Contact each artisan and artist directly, they all deliver worldwide.

Enjoy it!

1 – Christmas Gift for those who love Murano Glass!



Christmas gift

Alessia Fuga

Alessia is one of my dearest friends. She is an amazing talented Murano Glass bead artist and an amazing Glass jewellery maker. Her Atelier is in Murano and she suffered particularly this year due to the Acqua Alta, Covid-19 and the lack of tourists!

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2- Christmas Gift for those who love animals



Christmas gift


Sira is from Burano, but work in Venice. She creates these amazing little works of art with wood and paper. She is famous in Venice for her series: #persiinunbicchiere #persiinunatazza and more. You can find her with her stall in Campo San Tomà or at the Awai Studio.

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3- Christmas Gift for those who love antiques



Christmas gift

Antichità al Ghetto


My favourite antique store in the Jewish Ghetto of Venice.

For me it is a little museum on its own: the Emiliani family has one of the biggest collections of micro mosaics in the city! Many in Murano Glass but also from other parts of Europe. A true treasure trove!

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4- Christmas Gift for those who love ceramics



Christmas gift

La Margherita


“La Margherita” is a little and inviting shop/workshop in Venice. It is well known by Venetians, who stop by often along with countless visitors from all over the world. The artist, Margherita Rossetto, creates her one-of-a-kind pieces right in the workshop for all the passers-by to see.


5 – Christmas Gift for those who love cameos and corals



Christmas gift

Eredi Jovon


I have known the Jovon family for quite some time now: they have been on the Rialto Bridge selling Authentic Italian Hand made Cameos and Corals for three generations. They are truly one of the historic Jewellery shops in the city!

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6- Christmas Gift for those who love the environment



Christmas gift



All the Malefatte bags and accessories are the result of the Recycled PVC Lab of the Social Cooperative Rio Terà dei Pensieri in Venice. The Cooperative takes prisoners from the Santa Maria Maggiore Men’s Prison and offers them training and professional rehabilitation.Over time, it has developed two main focuses: professional training and work. It considers them the main instruments to start the path to empowerment and social integration.Currently the work occurs within two Correctional Facilities in Venice and in the domain of criminal judgment.

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7 – Christmas Gift for those who love classy jewellery




Marisa Convento


Do I really need to introduce Marisa? Well, one of the best Murano Glass Jewellery maker, paladin of the preservation of Venetian glass beads, winner of the San Marco Lion Award as an ambassador to the world for Venice and its history and culture. There…

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8 – Christmas Gift for those who love lace



Christmas gift

Martina Vidal Atelier


If you love lace, you must love Burano lace! The Martina Vidal Venice Atelier is a household linen store designed by the brothers Martina and Sergio Vidal as a concept store and a manufacture of luxury household linen where passion, tradition, quality and creativity come together to create unique and inimitable products.

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9- Christmas Gift for those who love unique jewellery



Christmas gift



Stefania Giannici, the woman who can make anything of paper. From jewellery to cute Japanese style boxes, to tiny book notes, this amazing artist even decorates her own paper. Like Alessia, she was truly hit hard during the Acqua Granda!

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10 – Christmas Gift for those who love etchings



Christmas gift

Plum Plum Creations

Arianna Sautariello, great etching artist. As I always say to my guests and friends visiting Venice: if you are looking for a unique, light and not too expensive gift from Venice, this is it! Arianna’s etchings and watercolours are produced in limited numbers and they represent one of the oldest arts of the city.

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11 – Christmas Gift for those who love chocolate



Christmas gift



Ok, I could not finish this list without putting some food! Cicchetti and drinks can’t travel, but Venetian homemade chocolate make a fantastic gift from Venice! Mariangela has been making artisan chocolates for more than 15 years now. My favourites? The lavender ones and the balsamic vinegar ones!

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There, these are my suggestions – if, then, you want to give a little more help to Venice, why don’t you show your support with a small donation to Anima Veneziana’s crowdfunding campaign?

The goal is to produce a short film about Venice and the Venetians, entirely Made in Venice, for Venice, with the support of all those who love the city.



The film will highlight the various aspects of life in Venice: the moments of the day, the various categories of those who live and those who work there, in practice those who live it every day. It will not be not a film about the iconic monuments of Venice, but a documentary about Venice as a whole, intended as a city with all its inhabitants. It stems from the desire to make the real Venice known to the world, a Venice that must be discovered in depth. Something that cannot be done in a couple of days of visit.

The film will be produced in two versions: a short version, which will be uploaded on Youtube, visible for free to the whole world and which can be used by anyone to promote a slow Venice; a longer version that will be presented at various national and international Film Festivals.

You can donate here DONATE

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Now, go on, get shopping!

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