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“Don’t just dream, plan – and be ready with plan from A to Z!”


My name is Monica Cesarato, I am a native Italian from Venice, Italy

I am a Food and Travel blogger talking about Venice, Veneto and Italy, a Culinary guide and a Cooking instructor offering cooking classes and catering with Cook In Venice.  I am also a Social Media Manager.

I am a regular Food Critic and Restaurant Reviewer for 2Night Venezia.

My food articles have been published by La Gazzetta Italiana, The Local, Partaste and more international food magazines.

My recipes are featured in Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi’s  ” Venice: Recipes Lost and found” and in  Carmela Sereno Hayes‘ s “A Passion for Pasta” .

My contribution can also be found in Margie Miklas‘s “The Venice I know”.

In 2014 I appeared on Alex Polizzi’s “Secret Italy” (1st episode) together with Ada Catto, the lady I am co-writing a book with about Cicchetti (Venice version of tapas): in the episode we talked about Frittelle, Venetian Carnival cakes.

I also appeared with David Rocco on “Dolce Italia – Venice” Episode 1, talking about over-tourism.

In 2021 I appeared in the Tv show “Italia A Morsi” on Food Network Italia with the famous Italian Food Blogger and Tv Presenter Chiara Maci in the episode about Venice.  We cooked a whole Venetian meal.

In 2016 I produced and organised a 4 day blog tour of Venice, called “A Taste of Venice”.

In 2016 I also received my Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor for all the positive reviews.

In October 2017 the Sunday Times Travel Magazine published my tips on what to eat and where to eat in Venice.

In 2018 I won an Award with The Luxury Travel Guide for Best Unique Unique Experience in Veneto and also I was included in the Lonely Planet list of Activities to do for Food and Drink in Venice, both as myself and as Cook in Venice with our cooking classes.

In 2020 I started my own YouTube Channel “Venice Meets… with over 60 live interviews held on Instagram Live during the first lockdown in Italy, chatting to a large range of Venice lovers from all over the world: from writers to actors, artisans and chefs.

In 2020 I also started a project (still developping) about producing a film about Venice and Venetian, called “AnimaVeneziana”– a crowdfunding film.

In 2021, in collaboration with Sofa Tour, I produced and organised “Live In Venice Week”, a week in Venice of live streamed events, with a team of 10 live reporters and over 65 interviews.

In June 2021 I was interviewed by Corriere Della Sera on my favourite restaurants in Venice.

In 2021 I was Brand Ambassador for Tuttofood Trading Fair in Milan.





The following International magazine said about my tours and myself:

Margie O’Farrell, The Times, 22nd December 2018

…Monica Cesarato, it could be said, knows Venice inside and out.  She also has a gift for story telling…


Anne Hanley, Venice expert, The Telegraph 8 MARCH 2016 

..Being such a tourist magnet, Venice is hopping with guides – of varying quality. Some of the best are the more specialised kind. For all things edible, I would recommend Monica Cesarato (monicacesarato.com), who offers calorific tramps through intriguing backstreets to experience traditional Venetian dishes, cakes, wines and cicheti – the local equivalent of tapas…


The Lonely Planet

..With her mesmerising storytelling skills, Monica’s tours are a whirlwind of cultural, social and epicurean information punctuated by generous glugs of wine and excellent plates of cicheti (Venetian tapas)…


Alex Polizzi, The Telegraph, 24 october 2014

…It was also in Venice that I met Ada and Monica, who helped me re-create my grandmother’s frittelle (Venetian doughnuts). I don’t think I realised, until then, just how powerful food is as a stimulus to memory. This was one of many occasions that memories of my grandparents that I hadn’t recalled for years were brought to life for me….


Matt Barber, The Boston Globe, July 2012

“…It’s a way to taste real traditional Venetian food,” says Cesarato. “It’s hard to get [authentic cicchetti] at a good restaurant in Venice because many were born to satisfy tourists and don’t serve real Venetian recipes….”


For general enquires please contact info@monicacesarato.com

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