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Simple basic Italian cooking lessons.

We did it: finally our video for is on line!

Arianna and I are really pleased we managed to do this, we have been thinking about it for a while, but never really got around doing it. I would like to thank all our students who took part in it, the director and producer (thanks David) and also the company who supplied the music

Now, we hope, our cooking philosophy will be clearer to everyone: teach people to cook simply, with basic and natural ingredients, just like Italian housewives are used to cook. Considering these hard times, I think it is also politically correct 🙂 and very useful.

So I hope you all enjoy our video and will join us our cooking classes in Venice, Italy

To book your lessons just visit CookIn and apply online.

So get cooking!

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Pretending to be a food & travel blogger, giving it a go as a cooking instructor and culinary guide. Venice loving daughter and wanna-be guru. #aphotoofveniceaday Offering cooking lessons at As a friend once said: A Fire Cracker full of energy, writing a book on Cicchetti!