Venice - Gran Canal

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About 6 months ago I wrote a short piece on Venetian proverbs about food, drink and family.

Venice - Gran Canal
Venice – Gran Canal

Those were only a little taste of a very very wide range of expressions, proverbs and ways of saying which are used in the Veneto region.

As I explained in my earlier post, proverbs in our region are used everyday, it is our way of speaking, much more I think than any other region in Italy. Some of the proverbs can be very funny, whilst other can be very true and give you a good insight on the way Venetian people think about life, family, politics, love and more.

Here are some more proverbs I think are really interesting. Enjoy them!

  • DAI E DAI LA BARCA ARIVA AI PAI – Push and push (or better row and row) that the boat will get to the poles(Meaning. If you work hard you will eventually reach your goal – so true!)
  • MAGNA E BEVI CHE A VITA XE UN LAMPO – Eat and drink because life is a lightening/flash(Meaning: enjoy life while you can, because it is so short)
  • ‘NA CASA SENSA DONA XE ‘NA LANTERNA SENSA LUME – A house without a woman is like a lamp without light(Thank God, someone who appreciate the role of women in society!)
  • L’IGNORANSA XE LA MARE DE LA MISERIA E DE LA CATIVERIA – Ignorance is the mother of misery and malice(Just so modern and true, how many wars and dispute will be settled if people were less ignorant)
  • PARLAR SENSA PENSAR XE COME SPARAR SENSA MIRAR – To talk without thinking is like shooting without aiming(Some of our politician should really make this proverbs their motto!)
  • BEATI I ULTIMI SE I PRIMI GÀ CREANSA – Blessed the last ones if the first ones are well educated!(A bit ironic, but so true!)
  • CHI VOL VEDAR VENEXIA VERA, DE ISTA A LA MATINA, DE INVERNO A LA SERA – Who wants to see the real Venice, in the morning during summer and in the evening in winter(I always suggest this to people, but never realised it was an old saying!)
  • VENEXIA XE BELA FABRICÀ SUL MAR, CHI NON LA POL VEDAR NO LA PO STIMAR – Venice is beautiful, built on the sea, who cannot see it cannot appreciate it(Well, who has been to Venice can only agree with this!)
  • A MORIR E A PAGAR SE FA SEMPRE IN TEMPO – There is always time for dying and paying(this gives you a true insight on how Venetian people think about life!)
  • AMOR SENSA BARUFA FA A MUFFA – Love without a fight will get green-mould(What do you think?? )
  • DONA BELA E VIN BON XE I PRIMI CHE TE ASSA IN ABANDON – A beautiful woman and a good wine are the first which will make you quiver(For all men out there!)
  • UN LIEVORE FRA DO CANI, UN CONTADIN FRA DO AVOCATI, UN MALÀ FRA DO DOTORI: CHI STA PEZO DE LORI? – A hare between two dogs, a farmer between two lawyers, a sick person between two doctors: which of these are worst off?(Well, I leave the final judgement to you readers!|)


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