stay in venice for more than 2 days

Explore Venice with an interactive video!

Explore Venice

San Marco in Acqua Alta

Explore Venice: Venice is one of the most amazing cities in the world – yea, we all pretty much know that – but check this video out.

It will give you a quick insight of what Venice is all about on a normal walking day.

You get to choose where to go and what activities to do at the end of the video! Pretty cool!

The video was produced by Jacob, a young digital nomad:

I’m Jacob Laukaitis, a 21 year old digital nomad who travels the world about 9-10 months a year. In the past 2 years I visited more than 35 countries and spent most of my time in Asia.

I went to Venice two weeks ago with the goal to make a video that would help people explore this wonderful city. I wanted them to feel as if they’ve spent a couple of days walking around Venice themselves.

At the end of the first video you can choose whether you want to continue walking or take a gondola tour – just click on one of the 2 options on your desktop!

Some of my travels, including this one is sponsored by They are searching for other travelers to sponsor, so check them out.

Remember that if you want to experience the city in this way, at a bit slower pace though, you can also book one of my Food Walking Tours in Venice..

And don’t forget that you can also learn to cook the food of Venice in a culinary class with Cook In Venice.


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