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VENICE MURANO GLASS The forgotten history of Venice Murano Glass THE QUEENS OF BEADS: THE IMPIRARESSE OF VENICE Murano Beads in Venice All over the world the glass which is produced in Murano is renowned for its quality and design, and this goes also for the Murano glass beads which are used as applications to embellish elaborate dresses ...

Castelbrando: a step back into history in Veneto Hills


Castelbrando, a real castle in Veneto     A timeless beauty, between nature, history and culture, CastelBrando, located in the heart of the Prosecco hills, between Venice and the Dolomites, a fascinating blend of eras and styles, is one of the largest and oldest castles in Europe. A castle on a mountain that does not go unnoticed. It rises on ...

The Art of Glass Beads is now Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage


The Art of Glass Beads Unesco's Intangible Cultural Heritage   17th December 2020: a major event in Venice History! The Art of Glass Beads became officially  enlisted as Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage.   [video width="640" height="360" mp4=""] Official Video by Unesco This is an amazing achievement not only for the Art of Glass Beads from Venice, but for the art and the ...

10 + 1 Artisan made Christmas gift ideas from Venice


By the time you read this, Italy will be probably in or about to go into its second lockdown. It looks like it will be an incredibly tough winter for everyone, both on the economical and health side of things. So many of you love Venice so much, but this year has been especially hard for all ...

Slow Venice on a Boat with Classic Boats Venice


Classic Boats Venice: enjoy the lagoon     Taking a trip on the Venetian lagoon by boat is one of the most fun and exciting experiences you can have when visiting Venice. Exploring a city so linked to water on a boat and with local people is probably the best way to discover this unique environment in Italy. I ...

Meeting a Bead maker in Venice


Meeting a “Perlera” Bead maker in Venice     Bead maker in Venice: in Venice, artisan craftsmanship has always been a central axis of its trading markets; so much so that the toponomy of some alleys (calle) and squares (campo) derives from ancient crafts - just think of Calle dei Botèri, Saonéri, Tentor, Dei Fabri and how many confraternities ...

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