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On episode #8 I got to chat with the incredible paper artisan Stefania Giannici of Paperoowl in Venice. Stefania creates jewelry and design items in fine paper in the area of San Polo in Venice. After trying her hand at some jobs in the world of theatre and tourism, she decided to turn her passion for paper into a full-time job.

She is able to transform the material she is passionate about into design objects and jewels that surprise and enchant those who look at them. Paper is a precious material because it is multifaceted, versatile and resistant, despite the fact that it is too often given a short life.

And Stefania brings it to life. Discover her paper world with me!

Dive into the delicate and exquisite world of paper jewelry in Venice with our latest podcast episode! 📜💍 Uncover the artistry and meticulous craftsmanship that goes into crafting these unique adornments, as we explore the secrets behind each intricate piece. Join us on a journey through the streets of Venice where paper comes to life, transforming into wearable art. Ready to be enchanted? Tune in to our podcast now and discover the fascinating stories behind the creation of paper jewelry in this iconic city!

You can find Stefania at Paperoowl and on all social medias as @paperoowl

I hope you will enjoy our chat!




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