On episode #6 of Venice Talks  I got to chat with Romena Brugnerotto of RomInVenice, Venetian blogger, tour leader and travel consultant in Venice.

Romena is a certified sommelier and a particular passion for books and cinema. She keeps lists of almost everything she does, including the books  she reads, the films she sees and the countries she visits. She creates personalised itineraries in Venice.

Romena shared her favourite films sets in Venice, her favourite books about Venice and the Venetians. We also talked about the upcoming tax which will be implemented in the city from 2023.   Why don’t you join us in the discovery of Venice through the eyes of the locals!

Indulge your senses in the cultural tapestry of Venice with our latest podcast episode! Explore the cinematic treasures, literary wonders, and the intriguing world of Venetian taxes that weave through the canals of this iconic city. Join us on a journey where film, literature, and finance converge, offering a unique perspective on Venice’s multifaceted charm. Ready to immerse yourself in the magic? Tune in to our podcast now and let the tales of Cinema, Books, and Taxes in Venice unfold!

You can find Romena on her blog RomInVenice and on all social medias as rominvenice .

I hope you will enjoy our chat!


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