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Venice Book Give Away Competition

Dream of Venice Architecture

Venice Book Give Away Competition. Read post, follow all steps and leave a comment at the end to grab a chance to win!

The last few months have not been easy for me: I slipped an hernia and I badly damaged my knee, all in a matter of a few weeks – surgery is probably required, but I have been too busy (and coward) to go ahead with it yet.

So, since February 2016 I have been forced to stay in bed in pain, not even able to read and just about able to do a little work on my Mac (so much work, so little time).  Had to cancel most of my Venice tours and Venice cooking classes and have been very slowly climbing out of a dark hole – literally one step at time.
And then I received an email by my dear friend JoAnn Locktov of Bella Figura Publications and my spirit lifted up!

She was asking about my health and at the same time she was announcing she had finally completed her new book and the upcoming publishing date. And she was wondering if I would be willing to be the first blogger to talk about it!

Venice Book Give Away Competition

Photos by Riccardo De Cal

I was so happy to read this news and to be giving this honour, that my back and knee pain quickly were put aside!
I have personally known JoAnn for a few years now, she asked to be one of my Italian language students via Skype and we soon became very good friends. We kind of connected the moment we spoke the first time and when we finally met in person, the connection grew stronger!
Venice Book Give Away Competition

Dream of Venice by Charles Christopher and JoAnn Locktov

I knew JoAnn when her first book on Venice, Dream of Venice, was just “a dream” and she was struggling to find the most suitable publisher, the one who truly understood how the book should be.
I was so happy when she finally decided that the best suitable publisher will be herself and she went ahead to create one of the most beautiful book on Venice which has ever been produced with photos by Charles Christopher  and contributions by all famous people – simply fantastic!
Venice Book Give Away Competition

Photos by Riccardo De Cal

So when she told me her second book was done and it was all about Venice Architecture (her true love, JoAnn has already written a book on mosaics and architecture Mosaic Art and Style: Designs for Living Environments ), I was very happy but at the same time a bit worried.
I am not a lover of sequels, so I was wondering if she had managed to replicate the uniqueness of Dream of Venice without repeating herself.  
In simple words: would the second book on Venice be as good as the first one?


And then I got to view the book and a large grin grew on my face: not only it was as good as the first one, but she managed to carry on the same style and leitmotif on Venice whilst at the same time delivering a totally different book. She managed to do it again!
Venice Book Give Away Competition

Photos by Riccardo De Cal


Another unique book on my beloved city of Venice.
Dream of Venice Architecture is a dedication to Venice, its people and its buildings, but it is also an homage to the Venetian Carlo Scarpa, one of the most important architects in the XX century.
JoAnn gathered a large group of world famous architects, art historians and authors, amongst which we can find Tadao Ando, Francesco Da Mosto, Carlo Ratti and Jonathan Glancey just to name a few, and asked them one simple question: How does Venice inspire you?
With the help of the stunning photographs by Riccardo De Cal, an Italian film director and famous photographer, from the city of Asolo, in the hills of Veneto Region, she grouped all of their answers and managed to delivery another work of art!
This is just a little sample of the inspiring words which all these amazing people have dedicated to Venice.

Venice Book Give Away Competition

Photos by Riccardo De Cal

Tadao Ando (Dream of Venice Architecture):
….After these initial undertakings in Venice, I became involved in two important revitalization projects—the Palazzo Grassi and the Punta della Dogana, commissioned by Mr. Francois Pinault. These projects included restoration and conservation of historical buildings while simultaneously requiring the establishment of new spaces within the old structures. Though we struggled with many difficulties throughout the projects, we were supported by the Venetians’ strong dedication to architecture. We organized a team with local engineers and historians, and united our objectives in order to tackle these comprehensive undertakings. More than anything, what deeply impressed me is the fact that they truly love architecture…..
Francesco Da Mosto (Dream of Venice Architecture):
….Rossi was enlightening. We were creating something that I had lived knowing only as a place of destruction. Memories of the theatre in my youth came back to me. It was time to make it live again for what it was, and through the ideas of Aldo I discovered that his way of creating something new was in perfect communication with what it had been before. La Sala Rossi, inspired by Palladio, is an example…..
I am in awe of this book, I simply love it as much as I did the first, if not more!
It is a beautiful book not only from the graphic point of view (Riccardo Da Cal managed to capture the true essence of Venice) but also for the wonderful comments by all the people involved.
Another love gift to a city which need and deserve all the love she can get!
Photos by Riccardo De Cal

Photos by Riccardo De Cal

But let’s hear a few words from JoAnn herself:
How or why did you become involved with the subject of Dream of Venice Architecture?

In the process of creating Dream of Venice,  the first book, it became clear to me that to investigate Venice as a contemporary city, I needed to create a series of books; each one exploring a different perspective of the city.

When we think of the magnificence of Venice, it is the architecture that often comes to mind because they are inextricably joined. Venice is a small island, but it is an urban space, dense with buildings and bridges. To contemplate the architecture, not from a historical perspective, but from the present, became quite organically the perfect topic for the second book in the series.

Where does your love for Venice come from?

It comes from an irrational place that I no longer question. Venice nurtures and challenges me. She provokes me, beguiles me, and frustrates me.I feel fiercely protective of Venice and that’s why I know there is love.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating Dream of Venice Architecture?


I thought when we asked the question, “how does Venice inspire you?” we would have received different answers. I expected contemporary architects to write about Scarpa, he is an architect’s architect. But I also expected our contributors to write about the iconic historic buildings and bridges of Venice. That’s not what happened. Our contributors wrote of humble things, of floors and doors.  They wrote of their visceral experiences. They wrote of light and water and wind. They wrote of context and contradictions. They wrote about their personal transformations. To learn how Venice has inspired this sterling group of architectural minds was a stunning surprise. 
Photos by Riccardo de Cal

Photos by Riccardo de Cal

Official press Release by Bella Figura Communications:
April 28, 2016 (Mill Valley, CA)…..Bella Figura Publications is pleased to announce the publication of Dream of Venice Architecture, the second book in their series on contemporary Venice. 
Dream of Venice Architecture is an intimate journey through the remarkable Venetian urban landscape. A cadre of notable international architects and architectural writers explore the elements that make Venice unique in the world. Dream of Venice Architecture reveals the incredulity of her beauty, from the mysterious sotoporteghi to the complexity of Carlo Scarpa’s “immaculate detailing.”  
The book includes architects who have built in Venice (Tadao Ando, Annabelle Selldorf, Mario Botta, Michele De Lucchi, and Valeriano Pastor) as well as Scarpa experts (Robert Mc Carter, Richard Murphy, Anne-Catrin Schultz, and Guido Pietropoli). Representing the 2016 Architecture Biennale, the book includes TAMassociati (curating the Italy pavilion), Cynthia Davidson (co-curating the US Pavilion) and Louise Braverman (exhibiting).
The introduction is by Richard J. Goy, the international authority on Venetian architecture. He bridges the chasm between the original muddy wilderness of the 5th century and the intrigue of the built environment. The evocative photographs are by the award-winning filmmaker and photographer Riccardo De Cal, who shot an image to accompany each essay.
A portion of the proceeds from each book will be donated to Foundation Querini Stampalia to support their architectural programming in Venice. 
The contributors include Tadao Ando, Enrico Baleri, James Biber, Randy Bosch, Mario Botta,Constantin Boym, Louise Braverman, Vincenzo Casali, Francesco da Mosto, Cynthia Davidson, Michele De Lucchi, Massimiliano Fuksas, Jonathan Glancey, Frank Harmon, Guy Horton, Michael Johnson, Shun Kanda, Max Levy, Juergen Mayer H., Robert McCarter,William Menking, Richard Murphy, Louise Noelle, Dial Parrott, Valeriano Pastor, Guido Pietropoli, Carlo Ratti, Witold Rybczynski, Anne-Catrin Schultz, Annabelle Selldorf,TAMassociati, J. Michael Welton, Thomas Woltz, Diana Yakeley, and Rocco Yim.
The Dream of Venice series is published by Bella Figura Publications, an imprint dedicated to the investigation of Venice as a living city. +1.415.847.6374. 


Venice Book Give away competition

Photos by Riccardo De Cal




Today 28th May 2016 is the official launch date for the Venice Biennale of Architecture and it is also the launch date for Dream of Venice Architecture by JoAnn Locktov and Riccardo De Cal.
To mark this special occasion, JoAnn has decided to offer to all of my readers the opportunity to win one of the copy of this amazing new book on Venice, Dream of Venice Architecture.
Want to try your luck and try to win a free copy of Dream of Venice Architecture by JoAnn Locktov and Riccardo Da Cal?
Simple, follow these steps and cross your fingers, the winner might just be you!

Terms and conditions:

First just follow these easy steps!

1 – Click here and like Dream Of Venice Facebook Page (if you do not already do so)

2 – Click here and follow me on Twitter (if you do not already do so)

3 – Click here and follow Dream of Venice (if you do not already do so)

4 – re-tweet this post by adding the hash-tag #dreamofvenicearchitecturecontest (please make sure to add this tag!) – it is the only way we can check if you did re-tweet the post

5 – Once you have executed the previous steps, just place a comment below to let me know you are entering the competition, that you have followed all of the above steps and giving your name and email address. I will then assign you a number which will be entered in the competition. The winner will be contacted via the email name displayed on our website.

The competition is open to everyone, worldwide. Prizes can only be sent to a valid address unless otherwise stated, all postage and packaging included.

Entry to the competition is restricted to one entry per person please. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Automated entries, bulk entries or third party entries will be disqualified!

The winner will be chosen at random from all valid entries, among all the people who have correctly completed all the indicated steps and left a comment (we will use this site

The Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered in to.

The competition. is open from today Saturday 28th May 2016 until Saturday 4th June 2016, 9am Italian time. is compliant with the data protection act. Our policy is such that we will not pass on your details to any third party without your prior consent.




The competition was closed on Saturday 4th June at 9am Italian time. After double checking all comments and making sure that everyone who was assigned a number had completed all the steps (as clearly indicated in the post), the winner was drawn.


Pick numbers beetween and . Distinct:
Draw stat: sum=11, avg=11.00
Draw date: 2016-06-05 09:54:09



We will send you an email shortly.

Thank you all for taking part in this lovely competition and don’t forget that the book is available from Amazon: Dream of Venice Architecture

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