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Arts & Crafts in Venice: at the beginning of the quarantine I found myself with lot of time in my hand and feeling quite a bit restless. I am not one for cleaning my house top to bottom, I did not want end up binge watching on Netflix and Prime, so I opted for starting some live chats with my friends on Instagram!

I am a very lucky person, all of my friends have interesting stories to tell or do amazing jobs! And they were all looking for a way to talk about the situation which was so suddenly forced upon us.

That is how the series of live chats on Instagram “Venice meets…” started.

After 60 days and more of quarantine, I have built up a series of videos which are all available for you to enjoy on my YouTube Channel “Venice meets..”


venice meets

Paperoowl, paper jewellery


paperoowl arts and crafts in venice


The first chat I managed to actually record and make a video out of it, was the one with my friend Stefania Giannici of Paperoowl, an artisan in Venice who specializes in paper creations, from jewellery to home design features.

She actually was in quarantine way before anybody else, 2 weeks before to be exact, because she had a wisdom tooth operation, had a bad reaction to it and was forced home before we all went into lockdown.

Here are some of the questions she answered during the chat – you can watch the video below. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to see all of the live chats!

At the time of the chat, Stefania was in quarantine with her husband at her parents’ home in Villafranca di Verona, in the Veneto Region.


Arts & Crafts in Venice: Paperoowl 


arts and crafts in veni


Stefania’s story is written on paper! Literally!

I always say: give her a sheet of paper and she will conquer the world! There is absolutely nothing she cannot create with paper!

Long and short necklaces, all different type of earrings, unique match boxes, dream catchers, of all shapes, colours and sizes, but everything has a lightness that makes them ethereal, almost poetic.

Stefania has undertaken a complete study path on paper: bookbinding, origami, marmorising (the art of decorating paper with ink to create marbled effects), but above all quilling, an Anglo-Saxon technique that allows you to roll up thin strips of paper to create filigree. A process that Stefania immediately felt hers and on which she began to experiment, using papers of different weights and weights, creating surprising beads and shapes. With the use of silver and gold colours and paints, her jewels become playful like candies, whimsical as ethnic armours, shiny like metal gears.



Earrings by Paperoowl


Stefania, explain what you do.

I am an artisan in Venice, I work with paper, and sometimes I even decorate it. I create objects with paper: earrings, necklaces, jewellery boxes, interior design decorations, book binding and more.

Yes, if anyone gives you a piece of paper, you can build a world out of it! How have been coping during the Quarantine?

At the beginning I simply concentrated on creating more products for my shop. But soon, since I am staying at my parent house, I ran out of materials and could not get any delivered. So I dedicated my time in taking online courses on illustrations. And then I started to develop a new line for my small matchboxes. I usually have them with illustrations of the various monuments of Venice and season events (Christmas, Carnival, Redentore), now I developed this new range of Nature boxes. [you can see them on the video].

I have also spent sometime decorating my own paper, with the most ancient Venetian decorating technique: the combed paper technique.




Where did the passion for paper come from?

It started when I was 4 years old, thanks to my dad, who gifted me with an origami book. When my parents used to go out in the evenings to the theatre or the cinema, I forced all my baby sitters to play with me doing origami. I built my own Barbie’s home using only origami.


When did Origami transform itself into your profession?

During school I also followed some courses; paper was my hobby and passion until I became an adult.




You are the only shop in Venice which has this kind of jewellery and object, right?

 I believe so.


I know you use high quality paper from all over the world. Do you do your own paper too?

I decorate paper, using different techniques.


As well as visiting your shop ( Calle Longa, 2155/A), people can also visit your brand new online store where they can purchase directly online. But you also offer a personalized service, correct?

Yes I do. It is better to do it in the shop, that way the customer can choose the type of paper and colour – online it is a bit tricky with different monitor settings. But in any case my pieces are usually in a very limited number (1 o 2 pieces) and in limited versions, so my jewellery tends to be unique anyway.


arts and crafts in venice


But Stefania does not create only paper jewellery and objects. She is not jealous of her knowledge and enjoys organizing online courses to transmit and share techniques and materials.

So, if you needed another reason to come back to Venice soon, as well as to enjoy the less crowded streets, Paperoowl is the perfect example of what Venice is really all about: little artisans shops who are just waiting for you to visit and to explore their arts and crafts!

Thank you Stefania for the lovely chat and keep up the good work!


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