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Chioggia, the Little Venice


Let's take a trip to Chioggia   photo by   At the southern end of the Venetian Lagoon, between the Po River delta and the mouth of the Adige River, there it is, Chioggia, a populous and lively seafaring city, also known as the "Little Venice". With its Venetian-style buildings overlooking the canals, the characteristic Chioggia boats called ...

Discover the Art & History of Perfume in Venice


The Art of Perfume in Venice     Fragrance connoisseurs, perfumers and aficionados have long considered perfume an art form. Even Clive Christian is said to have said: “Perfume is an art form. In the same way as with music and painting. It requires talent, competence and above all passion ". Art and perfume share many similarities: they both ...

Venice from Above By Val de Furrentes


Best memories of Venice are back! About 12 years ago I started a little series of guest posts by Venice lovers, called Best Memories of Venice, asking people to tell me about their best memory of Venice: that particular moment which made it impossible to forget our wonderful city! From famous writers to Venetophiles, from travel bloggers ...

Where to eat Vegan in Venice


Eating Vegan in Venice As I sip on my homemade carrot and butternut squash soup and I put the finishing touches to my upcoming book on Cicchetti, ready to be handed over to the editor in the next few days, I am pondering on how much the food scene has changed in Venice, not just in ...

Why it’s time to start listening to podcasts on Venice!


It's time you listen to podcasts about Venice!     (If you don't already!)   Podcasts are among the most popular forms of entertainment available at the moment. It's not uncommon to see people listening to podcasts on their way to work, on an afternoon walk, or even while exercising. While some people may not see a difference with the radio, ...

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