To all my friends in Britain: I believe tonight Gino D’Acampo is broadcasting a show on Venice on ITV. So you know, I was contacted by his ITV production company, after many phone calls and back and forth of emails, after sending lots of information and ideas, having spent a whole day in Venice showing them where things were, they told me my ideas did not fit the show and they did not even bother to thank me for it – so if you see any of these ideas in the show, you know there were mine!

1- cooking a bbq in the squero of San Trovaso with the owner
2- visiting the ghetto and eating the cakes in the only kosher baker
3- visiting the butcher in strada nova and cook a recipe with his meat
4- visiting the pharmacy in strada nova and cook something sweet after that
5- cooking on a terrace on the Gran Canal
6- making a risotto

so you know!


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