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In episode #45 Monica is talking Cristina Cappellari from Studio Saòr. Studio Saor is a dedicated team of Venetian passionate observers who possess a deep love for urban environments. With a background in architecture and urban planning, they embarked on a journey in 2014 to create their own ‘Isolario’ – a unique collection of maps showcasing the lesser-known islands of the Venetian lagoon. Their work focuses on narrating urban space through bespoke illustrations in the fields of architecture and cartography. They specialize in creating artwork, editorial products, exhibition and set-up designs, visual identity development, educational projects, and workshops. Their expertise lies in capturing and conveying the complexity of urban landscapes through a meticulous exploration of their shapes and details.

Embark on a visual feast through the picturesque alleys and canals of Venice with our latest podcast episode, dedicated to the art of illustrated architecture. Join us as we unravel the beauty of Venice’s unique structures through the lens of talented illustrators, capturing the essence of this timeless city. Ready to see Venice through a different artistic lens? Tune in to our podcast now for an immersive journey into the illustrated architecture that breathes life into the heart of Venice.  Don’t miss out – listen today and let the strokes of creativity paint a vivid portrait of the City of Canals!

You can find Cristina Capellari at  Studio Saor  and on all social medias as studiosaor.

Enjoy the episode


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