Exploring Centuries of Cultural Legacy: A Conversation with Antonella Magaraggia from Ateneo Veneto


Venice Talks Ateneo Veneto

Join Monica on episode S2E9 of Venice Talks.

Step into the heart of Venice’s cultural heritage with Monica as she engages in a captivating conversation with Antonella Magaraggia, President of Ateneo Veneto, the city’s oldest and most esteemed cultural institute. Established in 1812, Ateneo Veneto has been a cornerstone of intellectual pursuit and social solidarity for over two centuries. Here are the key highlights from their discussion:

  • Historical Insights: Dive into the rich history of Ateneo Veneto, tracing its origins and enduring commitment to advancing science, literature, and the arts.
  • Notable Figures: Discover the illustrious individuals who have graced Ateneo Veneto’s halls over the years, from renowned scholars to celebrated artists, shaping its legacy and contributing to its cultural significance.
  • Future Endeavors: Gain insights into Ateneo Veneto’s vision for the future, as Antonella shares plans for innovative initiatives and collaborative projects aimed at continuing its mission in the modern era.

Join Monica and Antonella on a journey through time as they unravel the past, present, and future of Ateneo Veneto, offering listeners a unique perspective on Venice’s enduring cultural legacy.

Venice Talks, hosted by Monica Cesarato

Produced by Monica Cesarato, Sentire Media

Guest: Antonella Magaraggia, President of Ateneo Veneto.

You can follow Antonella at Ateneo Veneto and on social medias as @ateneoveneto

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