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On episode #19 I got to chat with Eliane Nagata, curator of ICI Venice, a cultural non-profit association in Venice whose objective is to develop international cultural resonances between East and West.

ICI – which stands for Istituto Culturale Internazionale, empowers cross culture projects and promotes local heritage by giving keys to visitors and tourists. In an old coffee warehouse, in the Santa Croce district, hosting cultural initiatives, integration projects, film festivals, Ici Venice is managed by a non-profit cultural association for social promotion created by young Italians and French with the mission to shed a light on little-known cultures with exhibitions of ethnographic and contemporary art.

Uncover the cultural bridge between East and West with our latest podcast episode, spotlighting the inspiring work of ICI Venice—a non-profit cultural association in the heart of the enchanting city. Join us as we delve into their mission to foster international cultural resonances, creating a vibrant tapestry that connects diverse artistic traditions. Explore the stories, initiatives, and the shared passion that fuels this incredible organization. Ready to embark on a cultural journey? Tune in to our podcast now and discover the fascinating world of ICI Venice. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this cross-cultural conversation – listen today and be inspired!

You can find Eliane at and on social medias as @icivenice

I hope you will enjoy our chat!




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