Yesterday we had a great day on the Island of San’Erasmo in Venice, cleaning up the beach!

Just a few numbers and photos….

More than 100 volunteers turned up: Venetians and people from all parts of Veneto, even some International guests from UK and USA. Many family with small children and pets in tow too!




We collect more than 200 bags of plastic and trash, summing up to about 35 Cubic Metres of waste!




The waste was taken by boat by Veritas, the local public waste disposal organisation, to be recycles and disposed of in the correct manner.




It was a lovely hot day, we had fun working all together and at the end everyone went to the local bar/restaurant to enjoy a day at the beach!

Thanks again to Piero Dri, Il Forcolaio Matto, for organising the evevent. And thanks everyone who took part in it!

To next year, with less waste we hope!







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Clean Sant’Erasmo with us!

#SaveVenice – #santerasmo_plasticfree

How many times do we hear this? All over the social networks and in the media!

Everyone is talking about saving Venice!

But what about, for once, doing something tangible

Do you really want to help Venice?

Good, get out of that hotel room and come to clean the Island of Sant’Erasmo with us!

On Saturday 23rd March 2019 a group of local Venetian volunteers, armed with
sturdy gloves and shoes, suitable clothes, and a lot of good, will will take to the banks of the island of Sant’Erasmo in Venice and will try to give it a good clean, getting rid of all plastic and rubbish which is littering that area at the moment.

The event is organised by Piero Dri, the world famous Oarloak maker from Venice, Il Forcolaio Matto!




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A lagoon of plastic

Why organize an island cleaning campaign? Because every minute the equivalent of a garbage truck ends in the oceans and seas’ waters worldwide: 8 million tons in a single year.

The UN has also indicated very much concrete data launching #CleanSeas, an ocean clean-up campaign, in an effort to raise awareness among governments, consumers and companies on the issue of marine pollution.

A theme often perceived as remote but which now represents an emergency. The plastic that floats in the seas, symbolizes the shocking island of waste, irreparably damages 690 marine species. 17% of these, due to pollution, are now at risk of extinction.
Not just bottles and bags, but also invisible microplastics that are ingested daily by the fish and then finish in our dishes.


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So Piero and so many of his local Venetian friends have decided to do something about it here in Venice, starting with the beautiful island of Sant’Erasmo, the vegetable garden of Venice!

To discover all about Sant’Erasmo, read my post: A peaceful Oasis amidst the hordes of tourists in Venice!


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As Piero says:

We will all meet at 10.00 am on 23rd March 2019 in front of the Torre Massimiliana on the Island of Sant’Erasmo.

We will begin to walk along the path on the embankment that runs along the island from the beach.

We put the beach, you must bring:

  • Sturdy multi-purpose gloves, possibly waterproof
  • Suitable clothes with sturdy shoes – maybe a hat
  • Some water.
  • Tons of enthusiasm and desire to have fun with us doing something useful for the Planet!

All the rest (rakes, sacks, etc.) we will provide on the event site.

Cleaning the beaches is easy, if you know how to do it! 

It will be a day in the company of good friends, so bring along frisbees, balloons, bikes, guitars and drums so we clean away,  having a fun time!


ph by santerasmo.plasticfree


We are waiting for you in big numbers, the more the merrier  but also the quicker !

A spread the word! The hashtag of the day is #santerasmo_plasticfree!

Take photos, videos, stories and share on social media!

The event will have the support of Veritas that we thank in advance.

The vaporetto line 13 departs from Fondamenta Nove for Sant’Erasmo Capannone at 25 minutes of each hour.

For by enquiry call Piero on 0039-348 252 8611

Follow us on Instagram santerasmo.plasticfree

Be there or be square!! 😉 😎 😀 

I will, will you?


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