I Graffiti di Venezia, a book investigating antique graffiti in Venice.

In episode #34 Monica is Desi Marangon and Alberto Toso Fei, authors of I Graffiti di Venezia, a book which investigates over 6,000 antique graffiti in the city of Venice. We discovered the oldest graffiti in the city, the most interesting and how the book and project came about.

Desi Marangon is a Venetian historian and writer and Alberto Toso Fei is a world famous Venetian author of over 20 books on Venice.

Uncover the vibrant tapestry of Venice’s hidden art scene with our latest podcast episode, where we delve into the centuries-old tradition of graffiti as an ancient form of expression. Join us on a visual journey through the canal-lined streets, revealing the captivating stories behind the city’s ancient graffiti art. From historic markings to contemporary street art, our podcast unravels the layers of creativity etched into the very fabric of Venice. Ready to explore the visual symphony of the city’s ancient walls? Tune in now and let the echoes of centuries-old graffiti paint a vivid picture of Venice’s artistic soul.  Don’t miss out – listen today and immerse yourself in the timeless artistry of Venice’s streets!

You can find Desi and Alberto on all social medias as IGraffitidiVenezia and you can find Alberto on www.albeertotosofei.it

I hope you will enjoy our chat!


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  • Julia Keddle

    Excellent episode! Thanks, from a listener who has been visiting Venice for 40 years! Grazie mille!

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