Venice Talks Luca Cerofolini



On episode #10 I got to chat to fellow Venetian blogger and influencer Luca Cerofolini.

Luca was born in Venice and lives on the Giudecca Island. We talked about what Made in Venice means, about Venetian fashion and what it is like to live in Venice.

Dive into the world of fashion in Venice, where style meets history in a harmonious dance of elegance and innovation. Our latest podcast episode explores the unique allure of ‘Made in Venice’ fashion, from the ateliers preserving centuries-old techniques to the contemporary designers shaping the city’s sartorial identity. Join us on this stylish journey through the canals and small streets, unraveling the threads of Venetian craftsmanship. Ready to walk the runway of Venetian chic? Tune in to our podcast now and let the fashion tales of Venice enchant your wardrobe and senses!

You can find Luca  at FocheGiudecchine and on all social medias as @cerofolo

I hope you will enjoy our chat!




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