In episode #32 Monica is talking to Cecelia Pierotti, American musician, who in 2019 moved to Venice as a resident. We talked about the difficulty of moving to Italy from a point of view of the logistics but also what it means to live in a new country and a particular city like Venice. Cecelia explained all the bureaucracy she had to go through to finally get her visa to move permanently in Italy but also the love she has for the city.

Embark on a cultural odyssey with our latest podcast episode, as we unravel the fascinating journey of what it’s like for a foreigner to make Venice their home in Italy. Join us as we explore the unique challenges, hidden gems, and heartwarming tales of cultural assimilation in this enchanting city. Whether you dream of a life along the canals or simply want to vicariously experience the adventure, our podcast offers an insider’s perspective. Ready to be transported to the winding streets of Venice? Tune in now and let the stories of resilience and discovery inspire your own journey. Don’t miss out – listen today and glimpse into the life of a foreigner in the captivating embrace of Venice!

You can find Cecelia on instagram as @ceceliapierotti

I hope you will enjoy our chat!


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  • Dan Gleeson

    This was a great podcast and very interesting to listen to. Good on Cecelia and congratulations on outlasting and surviving the bureaucracy!! Your thoughts on the tourists (both of you) were spot on (exactly right)! There is no slow season here anymore unfortunately. It was always a time we really looked forward to. But now Venice has also become a place where the young people from terra firma (the mainland; Maghera, Mestre) come to drink until all hours of the morning. Very sad, What has also changed and hurt Venice is the “takeaway” everything. Travelers (as you called them) back in the day used to sit down and eat a proper lunch, have a proper aperitivo, followed by a proper dinner when in Venice. Now the tourists (as you referred to the people who come to Venice now) have take away coffee in paper cups.!! They go to the COOP or Conad and by bottled everything to drink. They get all the provisions for a picnic lunch or dinner and sit anywhere they like and eat. It doesn’t matter if they are getting in the way of others or in a place they don’t belong. They when they are finished they leave their trash for someone else to clean up.
    Don’t even get me started on the takeaway alcoholic drinks in plastic cups. It shouldn’t be allowed. It is the single biggest thing that causes so many problems here in Venice. Take all of this with ZERO police presence in the city and it is a recipe for disaster. The modern kind of Tourist you both spoke about have literally taken over the city. It is very frustrating and very sad to watch every single day.
    Hopefully, the presence of people like Cecelia and ourselves living here who love Venice so much, will make a impact for the positive!

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