Media Pack – Advertise with Monica Cesarato

Venice Media Pack – Advertise with Monica Cesarato

Venice Media Pack – Hello Everyone!


Venice Media Pack is a blog dedicated to the wonderful city of Venice, the region of Veneto and the wonderful country which is Italy.

Born out of passion and the personal need to show people that Venice is not a tourist trap, full of crowds, but a living city full of wonders, has developed through the years to become one of the point of reference around the web for independent passionate advise on visiting Venice.

The blog is run by myself, Monica Cesarato, a native Italian from Venice, Italy

Venice Media Pack

I will be happy to publish sponsored posts, paid-for text links, guest posts or any other kinds of commercial content as long as in line with the style and the content of my blog.

I will also consider sponsorship to attend industry events and conferences.

The Media pack contains information for advertisers, sponsors and recruiters on all products available from Monica Cesarato and the Cook In Venice portfolio.



Who Am I?

Venice Media Pack

Venice Media Pack – I am a Food blogger, a Culinary guide in Venice and a Cooking instructor giving cooking classes with Cook In Venice in Mira, near Venice. 

Through the years I have collaborated with many people, including Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi for some of the recipes in their Cookbook “Venice: Recipes Lost and found”.

Venice Media Pack

In 2014 I appeared on Alex Polizzi‘s “Secret Italy” (1st episode) together with Ada Catto, the lady I am co-writing a book with about Cicchetti (Venice version of tapas): in the episode we talked about Frittelle, Venetian Carnival cakes. 

I had also the pleasure of having as a guest, during one of my food tours, the famous Hollywood film actor Jonathan Tucker.

Venice Media Pack

Jonathan Tucker and I

In 2016 I won an Award with The Luxury Travel Guide for Best Unique Tour Operator of the Year for Venice and also I was included in the Lonely Planet list of Activities to do for Food and Drink in Venice, both as myself and as Cook in Venice with our cooking classes.

In 2016 I also received my Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor for all the positive reviews.


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