must do things in venice

Summer in Venice by Monica Cesarato

Must do things in Venice

After a long long hot summer, October has finally made his appearance in Venice and with it, rain, winds and the famous “acqua alta“.

But I do not want to let go yet of the lovely past summer, probably the hottest and longest I can recall. So, let’s linger another little bit in remembering Venice at its best, thanks to Ishita Sood, an Indian Travel blogger blogging as Italophilia and who is as much in love with Venice as I am.

Here is her recount of her last visit to La Serenissima.

Ishita’s must do things in Venice

must do things in venice

Clouds in Venice by Ishita Sood

It was my second time in Venice.

I had seen several of the “must do” sites on my first visit, so this time I wanted to keep it slow. My mantra was to stay away from the crowds and accomplish something that was difficult- to not plan.

Yes. You read it right.

I know in this day and age when everything around travel includes “lists”, “must sees” and “bucket lists”, not planning is hard to accomplish or even fathom. That’s because we always fear missing out on something and feel that we didn’t really “see” the place. However, I thought different. I just wanted to soak Venice inside of me and had no problem missing on a few things.

must do things in venice

So I did it. And I learnt that it is very well possible and much fun. In Venice, without the time factor in my head, I did what my heart desired. I let the time take its course and gently flowed along with it. Venice was with me and I was with Venice.

Here are some of the highlights of my Venetian Trip – must do things in Venice

-a morning walk in the Castello sestiere (sestiere means a district or subdivision of a town)

-smiling at a random gondolier

-getting lost in an alley leading to an old church

-staying in a 15th century building

-an afternoon in the lovely colored island of Burano

-a wonderful and luxurious stay at Luna Baglioni

-a gondola ride by myself

-listening to the music of Andrea Bocelli when Venice was deserted

-a late night walk that turned out to be a beautiful memory

-meeting fellow bloggers — Susan Nelson, Margie Miklas, Victoria De Maio, Orna O’ Reilly & Karen Henderson

must do things in venice

Ishita with fellow bloggers

I definitely think I accomplished a lot with little or no planning (except the gondola ride which was on time). Venice was magic because I let myself to it completely.


Ishita is an Indian Travel blogger who fell in love with Italy when she first visited it. Since then she has been writing, reading and researching on the country through her blog – Italophilia . She strongly thinks she may have been Italian in some past life. Stay connected with Ishita on Instagram and Twitter both named Italophilia 🙂

Food & Travel Blogger, Culinary & Food Tour Guide, Cooking Consultant & Instructor - this is well as an event organiser and overall talker - always in Venice! #aphotoofveniceaday Offering cooking lessons at As a friend once said: A Fire Cracker full of energy, not crazy but a visionary!

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