Venice Sunset w Gondolas Panorama - Photo by Victoria De Maio

Venice Sunset w Gondolas Panorama – Photo by Victoria De Maio

MEMORIES OF VENICE 2015 – Reflections of Venice

From the Memories of Venice collection, it is now the turn of Victoria De Maio, a fellow blogger, writer and travel consultant, who I have been in contact with through Twitter and Facebook for a few years now!
Unfortunately we missed each other the last time she was here, but I am looking forward to meeting her on her next trip to Italy.  
Look out also for my review of her new book Victoria’s Travel TipZ Italian Style: Simple Ways to Enjoy Italian Ways on Your Next Trip to Italy, where Victoria happily offers tips and suggestions on what to do and not to do on your next trip to Italy.
My Reflections of Venice…

When asked to write about my favorite memory of Venice, I hardly knew where to begin. I mean, how do you choose one single memory of one of your very, very favorite places on Planet Earth?

How do I describe the thrilling rush of walking out of Santa Lucia train station and literally having to catch my breath when I realize that I really, really am here!? The first time, the fourth time, no matter—the same giddy sensation—wanting to almost squeal with delight. I almost have to close my eyes and pinch myself…

View Grand Canal - Photo by Victoria De Maio

View Grand Canal – Photo by Victoria De Maio

Si, I really am in Venice, I tell myself stepping onto a vaporetto and, caressed by the gentle breeze while cruising down the very grand Grand Canal, I just can’t resist smiling… Oh, that silly satisfied grin!

Every time I walk through the loggia and enter Piazza San Marco, I re-experience that same goose-bumpy tingle. Ah, sitting at the Caffè Lavena sipping on a chilled celebratory Prosecco and just soaking up the sheer gloriousness of it all…

Caffe Lavena 2 - Photo by Victoria De Maio

Caffe Lavena 2 – Photo by Victoria De Maio

Then a slow stroll and nod to Torre dell’Orologio faithfully telling time and Basilica di San Marco glimmering and shimmering in the golden light. Walking in the shadow of the Campanile di San Marco, chiming jubilantly as lovely serenades float in the air from elegant outdoor caffès. Si, I am enthralled. Magical Venice, surely you are the stuff that my dreams are made of.

Campanile San Marco

Campanile San Marco

A picture may well be worth a thousand words, but a thousand pictures aren’t enough to capture la Serenissima. Proud and self-indulgent, she flaunts her charms, her beauty and even her flaws. She is an unashamed exhibitionist posing for us, eternally admiring herself in the mirror of her reflecting waters.

And for me, she is simply irresistible. It seems that every surface was intended to reflect her ever changing moods. The pale pink stone of the elegant Palazzo Ducale and delicate pastel pink glow of the street lamps create a dream-like hue.

Venice Streetlamps Sunset 3 - Photo by Victoria De Maio

Venice Streetlamps Sunset 3 – Photo by Victoria De Maio

Strolling out toward the Bacino di San Marco, where thousands of ships once launched in battle and dominated the seas for centuries, San Giorgio Maggiore is bathed in the glow of the setting sun. At rest after a long day, empty gondolas bob gently in their moorings while their owners pause for a smoke or idle chat.

San Giorgio

San Giorgio

It’s hard to describe what it’s like to be in a place where everything happens on water. And there’s nothing to compare with seeing and experiencing Venice from the water. But it’s gliding along in a gondola with only the sound of softly lapping and sloshing water against the walls of the once elegant palazzi that evoke nostalgic reminders of her past splendor. Diva that she is, she remains proud despite her frayed edges and one can’t help but long wistfully for those days of elegance and opulence to return for her.

Venice Doge's Sunset - Photo by Victoria De Maio

Venice Doge’s Sunset – Photo by Victoria De Maio

Splendid, evocative and elusive, for me Venice is eternally mysterious and enchanting. She captivates and bewitches us, ignites our imagination and romantic fantasies and weaves her magical spell around our heart. She invites you to lose yourself…literally and figuratively…and just surrender to her charm.

Alone w Venice - Photo by Victoria De Maio

Alone w Venice – Photo by Victoria De Maio

High among my favorite moments are those that we have shared together, alone. Oh, yes, you can be alone in Venice. Even in a crowded calle or vaporetto, somehow she can make you feel she is there just for you—after all, that is part of her charm. And it’s in those very personal, intimate moments that I find my favorite memories …

But I must leave and, before I’ve even finished packing to leave, I am already feeling the heartache of separation and that longing to return and to fall in love all over again…

Victoria De Maio

Travel Consultant, Writer, Blogger, Tour Leader

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victoria-V Photo w Book -sized


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