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My name is Monica, I a’m a native Italian from Venice, Italy

I am a Food and Travel blogger talking about Venice, Veneto and Italy, a Culinary guide and a Cooking instructor offering cooking classes and catering with Cook In Venice.  I am also a Social Media Manager.

I was happy to offer my little knowledge to Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi for some of the recipes in their new Cookbook Venice: Recipes Lost and found and to Carmela Sereno Hayes for a couple of recipes on A Passion for Pasta.

about me Alex Poilizzi, Ada Catto and I in Secret Italy
Alex Poilizzi, Ada Catto and I in Secret Italy

In 2014 I appeared on Alex Polizzi‘s “Secret Italy” (1st episode) together with Ada Catto, the lady I am co-writing a book with about Cicchetti (Venice version of tapas): in the episode we talked about Frittelle, Venetian Carnival cakes. 

I had also the pleasure of having as a guest, during one of my food tours, the famous Hollywood film actor Jonathan Tucker.

about me Jonathan Tucker and Monica Cesarato
Jonathan Tucker and I

I also shot this lovely introduction to the New Drink of Venice, the Cinico,  with Sarah Murdoch of Adventures of Sarah!


I am the Creator of “A Photo Of Venice A Day Keeps The Doctor Away” #aphotoofveniceaday .

In 2018 I won an Award with The Luxury Travel Guide for Best Unique Unique Experience in Veneto and also I was included in the Lonely Planet list of Activities to do for Food and Drink in Venice, both as myself and as Cook in Venice with our cooking classes.

In 2016 I also received my Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor for all the positive reviews.

Certificate of Excellence
Certificate of Excellence


In October 2017 the Sunday Times Travel Magazine published my tips on what to eat and where to eat in Venice.


Sunday Times Travel magazine

The following International magazine said about my tours and myself:

Margie O’Farrell, The Times, 22nd December 2018

…Monica, it could be said, knows Venice inside and out.  She also has a gift for story telling…

Anne Hanley, Venice expert, The Telegraph 8 MARCH 2016 

..Being such a tourist magnet, Venice is hopping with guides – of varying quality. Some of the best are the more specialised kind. For all things edible, I would recommend Monica Cesarato (monicacesarato.com), who offers calorific tramps through intriguing backstreets to experience traditional Venetian dishes, cakes, wines and cicheti – the local equivalent of tapas…

The Lonely Planet

..With her mesmerising storytelling skills, Monica’s tours are a whirlwind of cultural, social and epicurean information punctuated by generous glugs of wine and excellent plates of cicheti (Venetian tapas)…

Alex Polizzi, The Telegraph, 24 october 2014

…It was also in Venice that I met Ada and Monica, who helped me re-create my grandmother’s frittelle (Venetian doughnuts). I don’t think I realised, until then, just how powerful food is as a stimulus to memory. This was one of many occasions that memories of my grandparents that I hadn’t recalled for years were brought to life for me….

Matt Barber, The Boston Globe, July 2012

“…It’s a way to taste real traditional Venetian food,” says Cesarato. “It’s hard to get [authentic cicchetti] at a good restaurant in Venice because many were born to satisfy tourists and don’t serve real Venetian recipes….”

I love cooking and reading fantasy books, I love teaching and getting to know all different kinds of people.

Back in 2009 I started this blog about Venice to try to get people to know my city, to understand it and respect it.  

about me Having fun on a Cake & Choc Experience!

I also love to talk about Venice, Veneto and Italy in general and I hope you will find the information I share on this blog useful.



Check out my about.me profile!


For info send an email to info@monicacesarato.com

or phone 1-213-550-5452 U.S.A.

                 020-351-40147 U.K.


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  1. Dear Monica,

    I’ve noticed you’ve already received posts asking my same question—I’m in Venice for two months working on a food and travel project and would love to better my Italian via a tutor or informal classes on the island. I realized you’re in a different town, but would you know of anyone near Cannereggio? Any chefs or food writers?

  2. Monica,
    My husband and I are coming to venice this thursday and would love an afternoon food tour through venice. Do you do such a tour – if not do you know anyone who does?
    Ilana Milstein

  3. Monica,
    8 of us are going to Venice at the end of April and I went to veniceconnected to purchase the combined transport cards and wanted to buy for the 8 at once. I did not see where I could purchase more than 1 at a time. I have been reading all the questions and answers from you and never saw this come up. Should I try and call them direct or do you possibly know the answer.

    Thank you

  4. All you have to do when you go to the stage of adding to basket is to carry on adding in your basket as many tickets as you want. So, since you want 8 you have to carry on adding to your basket 8 time! Regards Monica

  5. Hi Monica! My Noni just passed away. Noni was from Northern Italy. My Mama grew up in Roseland, IL. Every sunday, after church, they would go to the local Italian deli and pick up Cioppa and proscuitto for breakfast. I cannot find any italian bakery that makes this horned, crusty bread to remind my Mama of being a child with her Mama. I also cannot find a recipe for it. Do you have a recipe for Cioppa?

  6. Ciao

    Cioppa is not a particular bread, it’s the name that we give up in the North for bread roll. It is a generic term to call it. The horn bread you talk about is actually just the shape of the bread made with what we call pane comune (basic dough bread).
    This is the basic recipe for 1 kg of bread. – PANE COMUNE
    Ingredients: 1 kg wheat flour, tiepid water, 30 gr yeast, 1 spoon of sugar, salt, 200 gr. sourdough
    Preparation: pour the flour on a worktop, add the yeats previously mixed weel with some lukewarm water and the spoon of sugar. Mix the yeast well adding some more water, add the salt and the sourdough and keep mixeing really well with your hands for about 20 minutes and using a lot of energy. Place it in a floured bowl, cover it with a wet cloth and leave it to rise for 3 hours ina warm place. Once the dough has doubled its size it is ready to be used. Shape to the required form. Bake in a hot oven (already hot) until nice and golden.

    Hope this is ok for you!

  7. Hi, my husband and I visit Venice regularly, trying out new and interesting bits each time. Some day, we hope to buy a second home there. Anyway, I followed your recipe for Fritelle and whilst they were nice, you mentioned salt in the ingredients list but did not say what to do with it, and the sugar is not categorised – granulated, caster or other?

    Please help as we’d love to enjoy these to the best of their possibility!

  8. Hi Monica,

    I just added you to my blog roll~

    Buon Natale!


  9. Thank you very much, I have added you to my links as well, Buon natale to you too!

  10. Monica,
    I love your blog. Venice is so wonderful…we never go to Italy without visiting. I am really in love wih Italy…especially Venezia.
    Mille Grazie for all the blogs and information! I am going to take a course from you before we return to Italy in late 2011!

  11. Monica: I am enjoying your web site! Thanks for providing it. We are planning to be in Venice for two weeks in September, probably starting after the 8th. We are doing a house trade– our Florida house and Washington DC apartment for a nice apartment on the Campo Margaretia. It has air conditioning, which makes me very happy. WE’ve been to Venice before, so besides spending time there, we want to do some day trips. Treviso sounds great. I’d be happy to hear of other ideas. It looks like we’ll be spending the following two weeks in a home in the mountains above Schio. Where is your B and B? Is it possible to cruise the Brenta Canal? Is it scenic? If you have a chance, I’d love to hear from you. Sally Katt

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