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On episode #18 I got to chat with Piero Dri a.k.a. Il Forcolaio Matto, who has been carrying out one of the oldest traditional trades in Venice for 15 years, namely that of the “remèr”, the craftsman who makes the historic Venetian forcole, the oarlock, the typical support on which the gondola oars pivot.

With Piero we discovered all about the Venetian oarlocks, the Voga alla Veneta, Venetian rowing, and about the importance of sustainable tourism and crafts in Venice.

Dive into the unique world of Venetian craftsmanship with our latest podcast episode, as we explore the artistry behind oarlock making in Venice! Uncover the meticulous process, the skilled hands crafting these essential elements for Venetian rowing, and the stories engraved in each oarlock. From the canals to the workshop, our podcast unveils the secrets of this traditional trade. Ready to paddle through the history and craftsmanship of Venetian oarlocks? Tune in to our podcast now and let the tales of the oarlock maker captivate your imagination!

You can find Piero at Il Forcolaio Matto and on social medias as @ilforcolaiomatto

I hope you will enjoy our chat!




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