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Waking Isabella – Another Great Book by Melissa Muldoon


        Waking Isabella - Another Great Book by Melissa Muldoon Here is time for another great book competition by another great friend of mine! Melissa Muldoon is an artist, graphic designer and award winning author of the Studentessa Matta Website, a dual language blog, where she promotes the Italian language and culture. Through the Matta Website, she ...

Support the Artisans in Venice – #bethechange


Artisans in Venice Support the Artisans in Venice - #bethechange UPDATE Ok...this is the deal: You walk into that lovely Artisan get to spot him/her working away on the latest creation. You get start asking questions. The artisan stops working and starts, with a smile, to answer all of your questions. Time goes by and What??? You ...

The fascinating history of La Biennale di Venezia


The Entrance of the Biennale by The Venice Insider La Biennale di Venezia Now and then I like to ask to some of my fellow bloggers to be guests on my site and to talk about Venice from their point of view. Today is the time for Katia of The Venice Insider. She has been writing ...

Goodbye to junk food in Venice! Hello Organic Pizza!


Vegan organic pizza in Venice Goodbye to junk food in Venice! Vegan organic pizza in Venice. Eating well in Venice is getting easier. Every day new premises open, dedicated to cicchetti, fresh fried fish or other Venetian specialties. Those who want to eat well, but also organic or vegan, soon realize, however, that there are very few restaurants ...

Before Venice, there was Aquileia!


The Roman Forum of Aquileia Aquileia, a short drive from Venice! Winter 2017 is turning out to be one of the coldest winters I can remember since coming back to live in Venice, a good 18 years now. So, when you finally have a day in January full of sunshine (kind of) and the temperature for the ...

Venice : A New Drink In Town


Cortese Scortese New Ginger Beer from Italy [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""] Take a local Organic Soft Drink Company and a splendid location in a palace on the Grand Canal of Venice. Add a touch of sparkles, Christmas Lights and a fantastic buffet. Finish up with the presentation of a new organic all Made In Italy ginger beer. ...

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