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Before Venice, there was Aquileia!


The Roman Forum of Aquileia Aquileia, a short drive from Venice! Winter 2017 is turning out to be one of the coldest winters I can remember since coming back to live in Venice, a good 18 years now. So, when you finally have a day in January full of sunshine (kind of) and the temperature for the ...

Venice : A New Drink In Town


Cortese Scortese New Ginger Beer from Italy [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""] Take a local Organic Soft Drink Company and a splendid location in a palace on the Grand Canal of Venice. Add a touch of sparkles, Christmas Lights and a fantastic buffet. Finish up with the presentation of a new organic all Made In Italy ginger beer. ...

From Venice in Italy with Love: Top Christmas gifts


Monica's Top Italy Themed Christmas Gifts   Lots of unique and beautiful Italian Themed ideas for Christmas presents! Top Christmas gifts: just one month to Christmas!!!!  Thanksgiving, the American symbolic start to the holiday shopping season, is on today and it is that time of the year again: picking the right present! Are you like me? Hating to have to run ...

Live Music in Venice with Venice Music Gourmet


Live Music and Food in Venice: feed your body and soul  Live Concerts in Venice The stomach is the music teacher who stops and spurs the great orchestra of great passions; an empty stomach plays the bundle of malice and the flute of envy; a full stomach beats the sistrum of pleasure and the drum of ...



Venice Carnival 2015 with Remiera La Serenissima VENICE: WHEN DREAMS DO COME TRUE Venice Carnival 2015: a Venetian experience On Saturday 7th February 2015 finally the Carnival of Venice managed to explode in an array of colours, sounds and smells. With the Gran Costume Parade of the Festa Delle Marie and thanks to a drastic change to the ...

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