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The Art of Craft in Venice – Etching


Madonna Dell'Orto by Plum Plum Creations The Art of Craft in Venice - Etching A young artisan in Venice working hard to stay afloat!     If like me, you are really fed up of walking around Venice and seeing the same fake cheap Chinese made masks and junk glass, which is sold for original Murano, but that from ...



THE COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED!!! JEWEL COMPETITION: WIN $220 OF ORIGINAL ITALIAN HAND CRAFTED CAMEO JEWELLERY Victorian Cameo with pearls   With the help of Marco Jovon of Eredi Jovon, a Venetian jeweller for 3 generations, located right on Rialto Bridge and the only artisan in Venice still producing and selling hand carved cameos, I have organized an ...

5 Must See Films at Venice Film Festival 2013


70th Venice Film Festival One of the world’s best film festivals alongside Cannes, Berlin, Toronto and Sundance, the 70th Venice Film Festival is sure to be another cinematic hit. With a decidedly more laid back atmosphere than its counterparts, festival goers get around on bicycles and enjoy generous scheduling and a manageable line-up, with no ...

Carnival of Venice 2013


Venice Carnival 2013 Venice Carnival by Katia Salviato Venice Carnival 2013. Last Sunday, February 3rd 2013, the Carnival of Venice started for real. It was supposed to have officially started on Saturday, but torrential rain and pretty strong gales turned the day into a flop! I am not sure  there were many masks around Venice on Saturday! All ...

The History of the Frittella


Frittelle alla crema The History of the Frittella The History of the Frittella: Carnival - never before in this period, the proverb "Semel in anno Licet insane" seems to fit the reality of a city in celebration, not only with its masks, but also the sweet treats that are the delight of gourmets and also of those who ...

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