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In episode #35 Monica is talking to Marco Capovilla, founder of Venice Tap Water, a project dedicated to bring awareness to the problem of the use of plastic bottles in Venice. You can drink the water in Venice by using the public fountains and save yourself the expense and waste of bottled water. Tap water comes from Venetian mainland, and it is fresh and tasty. Marco explains how to help the city and the environment. He has created a map of the public fountains available for you to use. We also talked about tourism and the city of Venice.

Dive into the innovative world of Venice Tap Water with our latest podcast episode, as we explore a groundbreaking project committed to raising awareness about the environmental impact of plastic bottles in this iconic city. Join us on a journey to uncover the challenges and solutions behind Venice’s plastic problem, as we delve into the initiative dedicated to promoting tap water as a sustainable alternative. Ready to sip on the refreshing taste of change? Tune in to our podcast now and become part of the movement to preserve Venice’s beauty. Don’t miss out – listen today and let the ripples of change inspire a plastic-free future in the City of Canals!

You can find Marco at Venice Tap Water and on all social medias as venicetapwater.

I hope you will enjoy our chat!


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