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VENICE MURANO GLASS The forgotten history of Venice Murano Glass THE QUEENS OF BEADS: THE IMPIRARESSE OF VENICE Murano Beads in Venice All over the world the glass which is produced in Murano is renowned for its quality and design, and this goes also for the Murano glass beads which are used as applications to embellish elaborate dresses ...

Discover the Art & History of Perfume in Venice


The Art of Perfume in Venice     Fragrance connoisseurs, perfumers and aficionados have long considered perfume an art form. Even Clive Christian is said to have said: “Perfume is an art form. In the same way as with music and painting. It requires talent, competence and above all passion ". Art and perfume share many similarities: they both ...

La Scala Opera House in Milan


  In the month of October I attended, as brand ambassador, TuttoFood Milano, a fair dedicated to Food and Wine at Fiera di Milano in Milan. As part of the event, Tuttofood organized for us to visit the world famous Opera House Teatro Alla Scala.     A theatre is a place of enchantment and reflection, art and sharing. A ...

VENETIA 1600. Births & rebirths at Doge’s Palace in Venice


VENETIA 1600. Births & rebirths ⚠️❗🚩 Extended till 5th June 2022     I have been wanting to write about this incredibile new exhibition in Venice for months.  Precisely since I was so lucky to preview it practically on my own (apart from a friend and a handful of people) last September, the day before the official opening date! It ...

Christmas Gifts Guide from Venice 2021


My Christmas Gifts Guide from Venice 2021     Thanksgiving, the American symbolic start to the holiday shopping season, was only few days ago and it is that time of the year again: the time to think about Christmas presents! Are you like me? Hating to have to run around like a mad person in the rush of last minute ...

Castelbrando: a step back into history in Veneto Hills


Castelbrando, a real castle in Veneto     A timeless beauty, between nature, history and culture, CastelBrando, located in the heart of the Prosecco hills, between Venice and the Dolomites, a fascinating blend of eras and styles, is one of the largest and oldest castles in Europe. A castle on a mountain that does not go unnoticed. It rises on ...

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