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THE VENICE CARNIVAL 2020 Venice Carnival 2020: here we go again -  it is time to get all dressed up, grab some confetti and run like crazy around the small alleway of Venice!     The Venice Carnival is one of the most anticipated events of the Italian Carnival period. It will start with the "Festa Veneziana sull’Acqua" on Saturday ...

Acqua Alta in Venice – Marisa speaks!


Since Tuesday 12th November 2019, the mood in Venice is sad and gloomy! People are trying to pick up the pieces: cleaning up, counting the damages and trying to understand how to get back on their feet!   Ph by Marisa Convento But the water keeps coming. The high exceptional high tides do not stop! In the meantime people ...

A Perfect Day in Murano – Slow Venice


Visiting Murano   The other day my friend Venice-Addicted Stephen Killick (see his post on his love for Venice), seeing my exploit at trying to make a Venetian Glass bead in Murano with Alessia Fuga, admitted he had never visited Murano, being put off by the hustlers in San Marco, who try to get you on one ...

What can we do to fight Over Tourism?


Murano - August 2019 It is just after lunch. The streets of the island are empty, the tourists try to keep in the shade, looking to find some relief from the stifling Summer Venetian heat, sipping a drink in one of the bars and restaurants of Murano.   Murano - August 2019 The heavy shutter doors of Alessia ...

The Fortuny – A Family Story – Palazzo Fortuny Venice


The Fortuny - A Family Story at Palazzo Fortuny Venice   Palazzo Fortuny in Venice   A few months ago a dear friend, Nancy Heckler from the USA, on one of her visits to Venice, mentioned she had just brought her mother’s dress to Palazzo Fortuny. Of course I was immediately intrigued by it: what was so important ...

A place in Italy you must not miss: Romagna


  ROMAGNA You often see me posting and talking about Emilia Romagna and in particular about Bellaria Igea Marina near Rimini! Here is the reason why: I am in love with this region and its people! Read on and you will probably fall in love with them too!  But be warned: seriously food porn photos and fun photos, might cause ...

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