In episode #51 Monica engages in conversation with Ana Liliana, fashion influencer from Instagram.

Step into the enchanting world of Ana Liliana, a remarkable fashion influencer hailing from Venice. In our latest podcast episode, we had the pleasure of unraveling the intriguing chapters of her life – from the cobblestone streets of Romania to the iconic canals of Venice. Join us on this captivating voyage as Ana shares insights into her decision to relocate, her passion for fashion, the joys and challenges of family life in Venice, and the endless wells of inspiration that shape her unique style.

Ana Liliana’s journey is one that spans continents and cultures. In our conversation, Ana candidly opens up about her decision to move from Romania to Venice. The podcast explores the cultural shifts, challenges, and the mesmerizing beauty that influenced her choice, painting a vivid picture of her transition to life in the City of Bridges.

Why does fashion hold such a significant place in Ana Liliana’s heart? In this section, we delve into the roots of Ana’s fascination with fashion. Uncover the stories behind her favorite styles, trends, and the role fashion plays in expressing her identity and creativity. From street style to haute couture, Ana’s insights provide a window into the transformative power of clothing.

Life in Venice is a dream for many, but what is it like when you’re raising a family? Ana Liliana shares the joys and challenges of parenting in this unique setting. From school runs along the canals to family-friendly Venetian traditions, this section offers an intimate glimpse into the daily life of a fashion influencer balancing career and family in the city’s timeless surroundings.

What inspires a fashion influencer living in one of the most culturally rich cities in the world? Ana Liliana walks us through the sources of her creativity, from the art and history that surround her to the daily moments that spark new ideas. This section is an ode to the inspiration found in every corner of Venice and how it fuels Ana’s creative pursuits.

This podcast episode with Ana Liliana is a voyage through culture, style, and family, offering listeners a front-row seat to the life of a fashion influencer in the heart of Venice. Join us in celebrating the elegance and creativity that Ana brings to the world, painting Venice not only as a backdrop but as a vital character in her inspiring story. Tune in and discover the magic that happens when fashion, family, and the allure of Venice come together in perfect harmony.

You can follow Ana Liliana on Instagram as @ana.lilianaa

Enjoy the episode


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