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On episode #9 I got to chat with Gloria Vian who, together with her creative and energetic brother Marco, has started a new company in Venice dedicated to the making of Gin and other products all Made In Venice: Sospiri Botaniche Veneziane.

Gin Sospiri was born from the desire to tell the essence of Venice, not only through its stories but above all through its raw materials. Gin Dei Sospiri is a Distilled Gin, produced with a traditional alembic, with all Venetian botanicals, chosen to bring out the aroma of juniper. In addition to glasswort and castraura, there are lemon thyme, basil and milk thistle.

Sip and savor the essence of Venice with our latest podcast episode, featuring an exclusive exploration of a new gin crafted in the heart of the city! 🍸✨ Join us as we uncork the secrets behind this unique blend, capturing the spirit of Venetian craftsmanship and the city’s rich botanical heritage. From the distillery to your glass, immerse yourself in the aromatic journey of this distinctive gin. Ready to elevate your drinking experience? Tune in to our podcast now and let the flavors of Venice unfold!

You can find Gloria and Marco  at Sospiri Botaniche Veneziane and all social medias as @sospiribotanicheveneziane

I hope you will enjoy our chat!




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