The Rebirth of Venetian Cuisine with Cesare Benelli, from Al Covo in Venice


In episode #33 Monica is talking to Cesare Benelli, chef and owner of the historic restaurant Al Covo in Venice. We talked about a great new initiative called Osti in Orto, an association of local Venetian restaurateurs dedicated to grow their own produce in Venice. We talked about Venetian cuisine and also about what to eat in Venice in Spring!

Savor the flavors of Venice with our latest podcast episode, where we embark on a culinary journey through the heart of Venetian cuisine. Join us as we explore the art of cooking with local products, unraveling the secrets of traditional dishes that have been crafted through centuries. From the bustling markets to the kitchen, our podcast captures the essence of Venetian gastronomy. Ready to bring the taste of Venice to your own table? Tune in now for an immersive experience and discover the rich tapestry of flavors that define this unique culinary heritage. Don’t miss out – listen today and let the aromas of Venetian cuisine transport you to the canals and kitchens of this gastronomic paradise!

And we laughed a lot! Got so hungry recording this, you have no idea!

You can find Cesare and his family at Ristorante Al Covo and on all social medias as RistoranteAlCovo. You can find Osti in Orto on Instagram as @ostiinorto

I hope you will enjoy our chat!


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