The Venetian Lagoon: Pollution, Climate Change, and Our Role

Join Monica on episode S2E15 of Venice Talks.

In this insightful episode of Venice Talks, host Monica sits down with Warren Cairns, a distinguished research scientist from the Institute of Polar Sciences (ISP) of the Italian National Research Council. Join us as we delve into the pressing issues affecting the Venetian lagoon, explore the broader impacts of climate change, and discuss actionable steps we can all take to make a difference.

Key Notes:

  • Introduction to Warren Cairns: His background and expertise in environmental research.
  • Pollution in the Venetian Lagoon: Current state, sources, and consequences.
  • Climate Change Effects: How rising temperatures and sea levels are impacting Venice and its lagoon.
  • Scientific Insights: Recent findings from the Institute of Polar Sciences.
  • Solutions and Mitigations: Practical steps individuals and communities can take to reduce pollution and combat climate change.
  • Call to Action: Encouraging listeners to get involved and make eco-friendly choices.

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Venice Talks, hosted by Monica Cesarato

Produced by Monica Cesarato, Sentire Media

Guest: Warren Cairns, Institute of Polar Sciences (ISP) of the Italian National Research Council

You can follow Warren at Institute of Polar Sciences (ISP) of the Italian National Research Council

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