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Episode 4 of Season 2.

Hey there, art aficionados and podcast enthusiasts! I am thrilled to unveil the latest gem in our Venice Talks podcast series. In this episode, Monica delves into the enchanting world of Galleria Garance & Marion, a haven for graphic arts nestled in the heart of Venice.

Picture this: small alleyways, the scent of fresh espresso lingering in the air, and the serene lull of Venetian canals. Now, add a touch of artistic flair with a conversation between Monica and the dynamic duo behind Galleria Garance & Marion: Garance La Porte and Marion Houssin.

Meet Garance & Marion: A Tale of Art, Adventure, and Laughter

These two French visionaries embarked on a journey that led them to Venice, where they decided to breathe life into their dream—an art gallery dedicated to graphic arts. From illustration to typography, drawing to painting, engraving to printing, their gallery showcases a mesmerizing array of limited edition, numbered, and signed works, all at affordable prices.

What to Expect from the Episode

In our conversation with Garance and Marion, expect to be transported into their world of creativity and passion. Discover the stories behind their artistic journey, peppered with laughter and anecdotes that will leave you inspired and eager to explore the depths of graphic artistry.

Why You Should Tune In

Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a traveler with a penchant for hidden gems, or simply someone in search of a delightful podcast experience, this episode promises to captivate and ignite your imagination. Join us as we uncover the essence of Galleria Garance & Marion and the magic it brings to the Venetian art scene.

Listen Now and Dive into the World of Graphic Arts

Ready to embark on this artistic journey with us? Tune in to our latest episode of New Venice Talks, available on all major podcast platforms. Prepare to be enchanted by the stories, laughter, and creativity that await you in the realm of Galleria Garance & Marion.


Special thanks to Garance  and Marion  for sharing their time, stories, and infectious enthusiasm with us.

You can find them at Galleria Garance & Marion and on all social medias as @garance_marion_venezia

Produced by Monica Cesarato and Sentire Media

Hosted by Monica Cesarato.

Don’t miss out—hit play and let the adventure begin!

Happy listening!

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