In episode #50 Monica engages in conversation with Gillian Longworth McGuire Gillian Knows Best.

Dive into the enchanting world of Venice with our latest episode featuring the incredible journey of Gillian Longworth McGuire, the renowned Instagrammer behind Gillian Knows Best. Discover the secrets behind turning dreams into reality as Gillian shares her inspiring tale of relocating to the magical city of Venice.

Join us as we explore the picturesque canals, delve into the vibrant life of the Carnival of Venice, and gain insights into the challenges of adapting to a new life in this captivating Italian city. Gillian also sheds light on the practicalities, including the recent updates on the city tax.

Ready to be transported to the heart of Venice? Tune in now to hear Gillian’s captivating story and glean valuable tips for turning your own dreams into reality.

Don’t forget to follow Gillian on Instagram @gillianknowsbest for more glimpses into her Venetian adventure! And if you’ve ever dreamt of making a bold move, share your story or thoughts with us on social media using #VeniceTalks. Your journey begins here!

Enjoy the episode


Food & Travel Blogger, Culinary & Food Tour Guide, Cooking Consultant & Instructor - this is well as an event organiser and overall talker - always in Venice! #aphotoofveniceaday Offering cooking lessons at As a friend once said: A Fire Cracker full of energy, not crazy but a visionary!

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