Dream of Venice Black and White
Dream of Venice Black and White

Dream of Venice Black and White – Cover by Lisa Katsiaris – Il Redentore


Venice Book Competition – COMPETITION NOW CLOSED

A black and white Photographic Book dedicated to Venice?” I said in awe.

It was a cold November afternoon in 2017. 

JoAnn Locktov, author and editor of Dream of Venice and Dream of Venice Architecture and I were walking along Riva degli Schiavoni.

Dream of Venice Black and White

Dream of Venice Black and White, Roman Henze, 2017, La Serenissima

“Yes – she said – what do you think?”

I stopped dead, stared at her and said: “I love it – but you must promise me this time you will present your book in Venice, in a fantastic location – as you and your books deserve to do”.

JoAnn smiled, one of her sweet and timid smiles, and said: “If only!”

I simply looked at her with a grin and said: “Just think about getting this book sorted…I will take care of the rest!”

One year on, JoAnn has published her book Dream of Venice Black and White – in my humble opinion, her best ever – and yes, we are going to present it to the people of Venice on November 25th 2018 in a fantastic location: the stunning Sala Della Musica, the Hall of Music, in Ca’Sagredo, one of the most beautiful 14th-century Byzantine-Gothic style palaces overlooking the Gran Canal and also a Luxury 5 Star hotel in the centre of the city.

A passion for Venice

I have known JoAnn for many years now: we originally started to communicate through various social medias because she was looking for someone to practice her Italian with and I loved her passion and commitment to Venice.

We eventually met in person in Venice and we simply became firm friends, even though we rarely speak Italian when we are together!

Dream of Venice Black and White

Dream of Venice Black and White, Olinda Adeane, Un Appuntamento urgente

I have seen both Dream of Venice and Dream of Venice Architecture as embryos taking shape in her mind and then finally becoming a reality, so when last year she told me she was thinking of creating a book in black and white, I knew she would simply go and do it.

JoAnn is one of the most sensitive, empathic and reserved people I know, but she is also a very determined , intelligent and wise woman, so I am not surprised that she managed to get the book done and published in less than a year!

But what is this book all about?

Dream of Venice Black and white

Dream of Venice Black and White – Alessandro Sarno, Foggy Kiss

About Dream of Venice Black and White

It is the final book of a trilogy, which JoAnn has dedicated to the love of her life: the city of Venice!

The main difference from the other two books is not just because all photos are in black and white: this time the photos are not the creation of one single photographer, but they were taken by over 50 photographers from all over the world, many of them are local Venetians, who have documented the city in all its facets, in everyday life.

It is not simply a book on the beauty of Venice, like its architecture and palaces, it is a book about its people – many photos have the Venetians and some tourists as the main subjects.

And every photo has been so carefully selected for its significance and its beauty. The placement of each photo in a certain page or another follows also a subtle theme, leading you through a delicate thread: it is a poignant dedication to a city on a constant battle for survival.

Dream of Venice Black and White

Dream of Venice Black and White, Cristina Marson, La pescatrice di sogni

Berengo, Scarpa and Ikona

JoAnn dedicated the book also to Gianni Berengo Gardin, one of the most famous Italian photographers, who, in 1960, while taking the vaporetto from the Lido to work in San Marco, shot one of many iconic portraits of Venice – a photo which he has generously allowed Joanne to include in the book!

The introduction is by the famous Venetian writer Tiziano Scarpa:

Tiziano Scarpa, a Venetian novelist, playwright and poet, has written the Introduction. Venice Is A Fish, a sensual guide is his irreverent and intimate guide to Venice. Many of you will be familiar with his perceptive oft-quoted observation “Getting lost is the only place worth going to.” In 2009 Tiziano won the Strega Prize for his third novel, Stabat Mater. From the time we conceived of this project, Tiziano was our first choice to weave a meditation about the city of his birth.

And like all her previous books:

parts of the proceeds from every book sold will be donated to Ikona Gallery in Venice. Founded by Živa Kraus in 1979, the gallery, located in Campo del Ghetto Nuovo, is dedicated to the exhibition of significant contemporary photographers. Since 1989, Signora Kraus has also been the director of the Ikona Venezia School of International Photography, collaborating with organizations to further the cultural understanding of photography through exhibits and workshops. In 2009, Ikona Gallery celebrated their 30th anniversary with an exhibit of work by Gianni Berengo Gardin, curated by Živa Kraus.

Three Questions to the Author

I like to keep JoAnn on her toes all the time, so I actually asked her three questions for this post and she admitted they were the hardest questions she has ever been asked!

How do you usually find your ideas?

Typically they find me! I have always felt that ideas exist all around us and we just have to open the door when they come knocking. With the Dream of Venice series, I considered what aspect of the city and her culture could be illuminated through a unique combination of prose and photography. During the process of investigation, I sift through the possibilities, until a certain theme sticks and will not budge. My books will pretty much create themselves, if I listen closely and then get out of the way.

What are the major challenges that you have faced when producing your books, and above all Dream of Venice Black and White?

The major challenge with Dream of Venice in Black and White was to create a compelling requiem that would transcend time, while inspiring hope for the future. These are often thought of as antithetical forces, but we need to viscerally understand what we are at risk of losing, if we are going to fight to keep Venice alive.

Dream of Venice Black and White

Dream of Venice Black and White, Cristina Vatielli, L’Impiraressa

Why are all your books dedicated to Venice?

Venice is my compass for this trilogy. The books are an expression of my gratitude, and a celebration of her indefatigable spirit.

Dream of Venice – available in Venice

You can admire some of the photos, which are included in the book in two locations in Venice right now:

Dream of Venice Black and white

Dream of Venice Black and White – Pietro De Albertis, L’Attesa

Pietro De Albertis – His exhibit is in the Jewish Ghetto: http://www.imagoars.com/

Dream of Venice Black and White

Dream of Venice Black and White – Maurizio Rossi, lavoro in Estinzione Bepi Suste

Maurizio Rossi – His exhibit is in Venissa on the Island of Mazzorbo https://www.venissa.it/en/

If you are in Venice you can purchase your books from Libreria Cluva and La Toletta.


To mark the presentation of the book on 25th November 2018 at CA’ Sagredo at 18.00 (free entry upon previous booking, due to limited seating – send an email to info@monicacesarato.com if interested), JoAnn has decided to offer to all of my readers the opportunity to win one of the copy of this amazing new book on Venice, Dream of Venice Black and White.

Want to try your luck and try to win a free copy of Dream of Venice Black and White by JoAnn Locktov?

Simple, follow these steps and cross your fingers, the winner might just be you!

Terms and conditions:

First just follow these easy steps!

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The winner will be contacted via the email and the name displayed on our website. The competition is open to everyone, worldwide. Prizes can only be sent to a valid address unless otherwise stated, all postage and packaging included.

Entry to the competition is restricted to one entry per person please. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Automated entries, bulk entries or third party entries will be disqualified!

The winner will be chosen at random from all valid entries, among all the people who have correctly completed all the indicated steps and left a comment (we will use this site http://www.randomresult.com/).

The Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered in to.

The competition. is open from today 7th November 2018 until Sunday 25th November 2018, 9am Italian time.

www.monicacesarato.com is compliant with the data protection act. Our policy is such that we will not pass on your details to any third party without your prior consent.




THANK YOU JANET, the book will soon be sent to you!

Thank you all for participating!




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