Colorful Venice Carnival

Colorful Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival 2013 Program

Well, it is that time of year again when the most beautiful city in the world (in my humble opinion) gets even more enchanting and fascinating, with flashes of colors, music and smiles everywhere. Yes, the oldest Carnival in the world, the Venice Carnival, is here!

Come over at least once in your lifetime and get lost in the multicolored crowds which fill all the calle, the campi and Saint Mark’s Square, in a frenzy and joyous party which envelopes the whole city. And this year the theme is, you guessed it, COLORS, since the title is “Live in colour”. Thirteen days of performances, concerts, parades, games and fun. This is the program for the Carnival of Venice 2013 that will take place from January 26th to February 12th 2013.

“Live in color” is the theme of this edition. All events will be in the name of colors, from the concerts in Piazza San Marco which will be hosted in the spectacular scenic panorama of the Grand Theatre and each dedicated to a different color theme, to the dances and historical performances in the campi as well as all the events dedicated to children and the aperitifs in the campielli. A colored vertigo which will take over even the major events of the tradition, from the Venetian Water Festival, continuing with the Parade and Festival of the Marie. A kaleidoscope of colors also for the flights, from the one of the Angel to the Svolo del Leon scheduled for Mardi Gras, when at midnight the Silent Parade, the silent procession of gondolas from the Rialto Bridge to the San Marco basin, will close the Carnival.


Multicolored Venice Carnival

Multicolored Venice Carnival


– The Venetian Festival on the water, the Grand Canal and the Cannaregio district: Saturday, January 26th at 17.00 and Sunday, January 27th at 11.00

– “Il Leon Musico” -4° Children International Carnival, Giardini della Biennale, Workshops, activities, creative ateliers and performances, all dedicated to children. Free entrance. Saturday, February 2nd

Festa delle Marie

Festa delle Marie

– Festa delle Marie in Saint Mark’s Square on Saturday, February 2nd at 16:00

– The competition of the most beautiful mask in San Marco Square from February 2nd to 12th, various times

– The Flight of the Angel in St. Mark’s Square on Sunday 3rd at 12.00

– The Donkey’s Flight in Piazza Ferretto in Mestre on Sunday, February 10th at 12:00

– “The White Sheik”, all the film scores from Fellini in St. Mark’s Square on Sunday, February 10th at 20:30

 – Carnival 2013: The colors of music, Mardi Gras Colors Show on Tuesday, February 12th at 20:30

 – The Silent Parade on water on Tuesday, February 12th at 23:30

Amazing colours of Venice Carnival

Amazing colours of Venice Carnival

Plus music and food all over the city for you to sample and enjoy.

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