venice carnival 2020


venice carnival 2020

Venice Carnival 2020: here we go again –  it is time to get all dressed up, grab some confetti and run like crazy around the small alleway of Venice!



The Venice Carnival is one of the most anticipated events of the Italian Carnival period.

It will start with the “Festa Veneziana sull’Acqua” on Saturday 8th February and will continue until Fat Tuesday, February 25th 2020.

Let’s discover the program that will await us in the coming weeks, including the traditional Flight of the Angel in St. Mark’s Square, one of the highlights of the event; the Corteo della Festa Delle Marie; the Competition for the most beautiful mask in which costumed groups from all over the world participate; the flight of the Eagle; the coronation of the Maria del Carnivale and the shows that close the party on Shrove Tuesday, in a riot of colours, applause, confetti and the grace and beauty of the protagonist girls.


venice carnival 2020


The Carnival of Venice is known in Italy and outside the peninsula’s borders for its beauty and elegance.

Century after century, the masks and costumes have been inspired by Venetian refinement, but also to hide the identity, sex and social class of the participants, behind a wonderful costume.


Venice Carnival 2020

Costumes by Atelier Pietro Longhi

Since the times of the Republic of the Serenissima, in fact, the Venice Carnival was a time of celebration in which one could behave more freely, transcend social classes and enjoy the best parties in the palaces and streets of Venice.


The Venice Carnival is a very ancient tradition.

The first evidence of Carnival celebrations all over Italy as we know it today dates back to the early 1900s, but in reality the origins are much older. There are finds, in fact, that date back the first celebrations to the Roman-pagan era, when it was traditional to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of the summer in disguise. A tradition, which continued even when Christianity changed the reasons for the celebrations without however affecting its libertine and fun nature.


atelier pietro longhi


You can read about the Origins of the Venice Carnival here.

In modern times, each year the Carnival has had a specific theme and this year it will be Game, Love and Folly.

As every year, there is great anticipation for the Venetian event, which always attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world for the occasion.


Let’s discover the program that will await us in the coming weeks, including the traditional Flight of the Angel in St. Mark’s Square, one of the highlights of the event.

The beginning of the celebrations is Saturday, February 8th, with the spectacular evening procession in the Rio di Cannaregio, the first part of the Festa Veneziana Sull’Acqua. The show of aquatic images and music will officially open the Venice Carnival on the Rio di Cannaregio with the show “Amoris Causa”, honour to the wisest of follies. Passion and madness dance together with the sound of distant serenades and whispered promises.

venice carnival 2017

Festa Veneziana by Marco Secchi

Sunday February 9th 2020 at 11 o’clock the water procession of the Venetian Rowing Associations of Voga alla Veneta will drop its moorings from Punta della Dogana along the entire Grand Canal until it reaches the popular Rio di Cannaregio, where it will parade in a riot of crowds crowded on the banks.

venice carnival 2020

The Venice Carnival 2020 will be a feast of love, madness and play. In San Marco, the heart of the city, the festival will open on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, with a specially designed stage that will reserve interactive surprises, consisting of 500 LED tiles that will come alive with the colours of Harlequin, according to Massimo Cecchetto, the new artistic director.


venice carnival 2020

Last Year all dressed up


On Saturday 15th February, the solemn and always fascinating Festa delle Marie will take place, with the procession that will leave at around 2.30 pm from San Pietro di Castello and will reach Piazza San Marco at around 4 pm after having crossed the canals and calli of the city.

Festa Delle Marie 2019

The 12 Marie, the organiser Ms Bortolato and Me at last year edition of Festa Delle Marie Ph by Valentina Galimberti Ballarin

A little novelty for the Festa delle Marie: this year the girls will take part in a cooking class on 19th February with Cook in Venice in a stunning location which will be disclosed nearer to the date! Stay tuned: yours and truly will be teaching the girls some typical Venetian recipes!  Arianna and I are so excited! 

The highlight, like every year, will be the Flight of the Angel from Piazza San Marco, scheduled for Sunday 16th February at 12 o’clock. Vibrating with her wings on the festive square this year will be the beautiful Linda Pani, the winner of the Festa delle Marie 2019 edition of the Venetian Carnival.

Volo Dell'Angelo

Flight of the Angel by Valentina Galimberti Ballarin

Sunday 23rd February will be the moment for the Flight of the Eagle – the so-called Svolo – with a guest who is still secret and is only revealed a couple of days before the event.

The Venice Carnival will then end on Shrove Tuesday 25th February in Piazza San Marco with the coronation of the Maria in 2020 and the Svolo del Leon.


The glamorous side of Carnival, however, is that of palace parties:  stuccos, gold, velvets and candles, the experience is overwhelming and immersive; wandering around food and perfumes, fairies and satyrs, queens and courtiers, great leaders, doges, cardinals, comedians and dancers will welcome guests who in a few minutes will forget the era to which they belong.

The most famous are:

Il Ballo del Doge, on February 22nd 2020

Il ballo del doge

Il Ballo del Doge, phy by Il Ballo Del Doge


The theme of the most luxurious Venice Carnival party, Il Ballo del Doge 2020 will be a rhapsody dedicated to the Carnival of Venice

Carnival Rhapsody – Provocation, Redemption, Miracle

An invitation to break free from our comfort zone, going away from what is predictable in the daily life, and wear, with a mask and a costume, a new identity, maybe the one better representing our true self.

Antonia Sautter

The Official Carnival Dinner&Ball 2020 in Love on 15th February 2020

In the majestic Ca’ Vendramin Calergi palace with its splendid Renaissance rooms overlooking the Grand Canal, you will enter a magical dimension where each detail has been taken care of rendering your Carnival experience something absolutely unforgettable.

Casanova Grand Ball on Saturday 22 February.

A party to relive the emotions, excesses and history of the carnivals of the past in the elegant setting of a historic Venetian palace.

So, what are you waiting for: Venice is waiting for you in a turbulence of vibrant colours, wonderful aromas of Frittelle and Wine, music and fun!

You can get your costume at : Atelier Pietro Longhi  and you can get your mask at Peter Pan Masks.


Frittelle alla Veneziana

Frittelle alla Veneziana


And don’t forget you could take a Cake & Chocolate Tour, or a Cicchetti tour or a cooking class in Venice to immerse yourself in the food and wine of the city!


venice carnival 2020

You can also visit the Carnevale di Venezia Official Website

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