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Venice Carnival & Costumes with Raffaele Dessì, PR for Atelier Pietro Longhi



On episode #7 I got to chat with the polyhedric Raffaele Dessì, Pr and Event manager for Atelier Pietro Longhi in Venice, as well Historic Documentary Tv Consultant, musician, singer, dancer and more.  We talked about Venice Carnivals, the art of historic costume making and life in Venice. Atelier Pietro Longhi specializes in the study, design and creation of historical costumes for sale or rental, both for collectors and for large institutions and film and theater productions. The Atelier is also specialized in the creation of hats in different materials and finishes. The atelier also deals with the organization of incentive events for large agencies or the creation of themed evenings for private clients, taking care from the direction to the casting of the artists who are called in according to their different needs.

You can find Raffale at Atelier Pietro Longhi and all social medias as atelier_pietro_longhi

I hope you will enjoy our chat!





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