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Venice Carnival: it’s about the pictures!

The Venice Carnival is in full swing: Piazza San Marco has been set up with wooden huts where local artisans demonstrate the old Venetian arts, like how to make a mask, how to build a gondola, how to sew a costume, tourist and local people alike have started to wear their costumes and show off around the city, the bakeries and patisseries are full to the brim with delicious and inviting frittelle and galani.

The weather, though,  is not helping much: it is all grey and wet.

But a good photographer can catch the moment, no matter the weather.

I am not a good photographer, but I am lucky enough to know many very very good ones, so I thought you might enjoy a little gallery of beautiful Carnival of Venice photos, which will delight your day and make you wish you were here now!

By the way, if you are in Venice, why don’t you join me in one of my Venice Food tours, a might not be a good photographer, but I do know about Venetian food and drinks  😉 !

Here are few photos by my friends Greg Vance, Marco Secchi and Jonell Galloway – enjoy!

venice carnival
Silhoutte by Greg Vance Photography
venice carnival
Opening night – by Marco Secchi
venice carnival
Gliding through the night – by Jonell Galloway
venice carnival
A red spot in the night – by Greg Vancy Photograpy
venice carnival
Reflection – by Marco Secchi
venice carnival
It’s all about the photos – Jonell Galloway
venice carnival
Classy – by Greg Vance Photography
venice carnival
Stepping on water – by Marco Secchi
venice carnival
Blues – Jonell Galloway

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