Amazing pictures of Venice
Rialto Bridge by Linda Zimmerman

Amazing pictures of Venice

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting a great American artist and photographer, Linda  Bailey Zimmerman, and to discover through her photos another wonderful side of Venice: that special one which only artists manage to catch and reproduce.

It always amazes me how artists can look at exactly the same thing as us common people do 🙂 and then been able to see beyond that, catching something which is not really there, that it is well hidden in another dimension, in a virtual world of its own. And then they reproduce it through their canvasses or photos and we have the immense privilege of admiring it to!

Venice is the playground in which all painters and photographers love to get lost in – this is also for Linda. She has been to Venice many many times and her love for the city truly transpires when you talk with her.

I loved walking with Linda and her family, going through the maze of calle and campielli, sampling our local Venetian food and wine, because I could see they were truly interested in Venice, our history and our crazy culture.

And once I saw her work I only thought it fair to share it with you. Her pictures are amazing!

See for yourself!

Amazing pictures of Venice
Misterious Venice by Linda Zimmerman
Amazing pictures of Venice
Gondole by Linda Zimmerman
Amazing pictures of Venice
Columns by Linda Zimmerman

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  2. Lisa at Amalfi Blue

    You’re so right about those special people with that special view. Great pics, especially Rialto Bridge.

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