Venice Talks Podcast

Welcome to Venice Talks, a captivating podcast series hosted by Monica Cesarato, your ultimate insider guide to experiencing the Venice of your dreams!

Embark on a journey beyond the clichés and tourist traps to uncover the true essence of Venice. Monica’s wealth of insider knowledge opens doors to a 360-degree view of the city, revealing its vibrant soul through the eyes of its people—the Venetians themselves.

In each episode, Monica ventures off the beaten path to connect with the heartbeat of Venice. From conversations with artisans and writers to insights from fashion designers, artists, glass makers, bloggers, guides, and more, Venice Talks offers an intimate glimpse into the diverse tapestry of Venetian life.

Whether you’re planning your first visit or seeking to deepen your understanding of this unique city, Venice Talks provides invaluable insider tips and advice. Learn the secrets of navigating Venice like a local and discover hidden gems that will enhance your experience.

Join Monica on this immersive journey through the canals and alleyways of Venice, as she shares her passion for the city and introduces you to its fascinating inhabitants. Don’t miss out on this enriching exploration of Venice’s culture, history, and traditions.

Listen to all episodes of Venice Talks and unlock the keys to an unforgettable Venetian adventure. Venice Talks is proudly produced by Sentire Media Production, your trusted source for immersive storytelling.