Venice: the home of my soul!




Elegant, precious, inimitable, fun, romantic: this is Venice!

Venice, the gem of the Italian tourist panorama, where churches, palaces, ancient bridges, monuments and squares tell the artistic and cultural liveliness that has marked and still marks the history of this city.

Venice, the city which enchants thousands of visitors every year!

As you know I love to hear from my readers what made them fall in love with the city. You can read all The Best Memories of Venice here.

Jewel Rivers, a dear friend of mine and soon-to-be-published author, very kindly told us her story!

The First Time I Fell in Love with Venice



By Jewel Rivers

I am a California girl, through and through. 

Born and raised in Northern California, I have always believed this is where I belong…where I was meant to be. 

That is until four years ago when I had my first opportunity to visit Italy.  A group of my friends was heading over to experience the spiritual community of Damanhur, outside of Turin, and I felt it was my opportunity to finally make it to Europe. 

Our classes were scheduled to last for 10 days but that just didn’t seem like enough time to spend in a country as beautiful as Italy, so I turned it into a six-week journey to visit multiple cities.  Every city, every interaction, every day, was wonderful.  I’ve seen Florence, Verona, Torino, Cinque Terre, Capri, Rome, Naples, Rapallo, and so many more.  But nothing can compare to my time in Venice. I was pretty road-weary when my train pulled into the Santa Lucia station. 




Thinking how glad I was that I had arranged for a hotel close by, I collected my luggage and headed out.  I exited out the right side of the building where my guide book had told me I would find a ramp so I could avoid the many stairs in the front.  What the guide book didn’t tell me was that the ramp was adjacent to the Canal Grande and that it would take my breath away. 

As I walked out into the warm fall afternoon I felt a wave of emotion that was completely unfamiliar.  When I reached the Canal I dropped my bags and wept.  I heard my inner voice say “You’re Home!”  Never, ever, have I had this feeling.  I must have stood at that spot for over an hour, I was absolutely mesmerized.  I felt exhilarated, I had an energy coursing through my body that was both stimulating and calming.  I didn’t want to leave that spot.  Ever. 

Eventually, I made my way to the hotel and settled in for my 4-day stay, after which I took off to wander the streets and soak up the atmosphere. 




Everywhere I turned there was something that made me stop in my tracks and pull out my camera.  The brightly colored sheets hanging to dry out a window.  Children playing ball in a bricked square.  Beautiful Murano glass twinkling in shop windows.  The stunning architecture.  The gently flowing canals.  Everything.  Absolutely everything. 

Overwhelmed by the total experience, I stopped in at a bar and ordered a glass of Prosecco.   I called my best friend back in California and told her that I was home.  Of course, I had to clear up her confusion and explain that I had a new home…the home of my soul.  The next four days were spent walking…and walking…and walking!  Venice had me, I knew I would return.

That was almost four years ago and as I write this I am preparing for my seventh trip back to my adopted home.  Venice is, truly, the home of my soul.  Now I am thrilled to say it is also home to many great friends and adventures. 


Thank you Jewel for your lovely story!

Did you fall in love with Venice too? Would you like to share you experience?

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