Welcome to Venice Talks, a new podcast series dedicated to the city of Venice and its people, the Venetians. A weekly podcast aiming to find what is going on among the canals and small alleyways, uncovering the stories and speaking to the people that matter: artisans, writers, fashion designers, artists, glass makers, bloggers, guides and much more.

In episode #3 I got to chat to Luisella Romeo, a professional guide in Venice as well as a passionate rower and lover of sailing boats.

In this episode we talked about Luisella’s virtual tours, about her tours in Venice for the visual impaired and blind, for disable people, as well as her love for rowing and sailing. We talked about also Iveser, a Venetian organisation dedicated to the preservation of everything relating to the Resistance in Venice.

Embark on a dual exploration of Venice’s wonders with our latest podcast episode! Immerse yourself in the charm of virtual tours through the winding canals and historic alleys of Venice, experiencing the city’s beauty from the comfort of your home. Plus, join us as we highlight accessible tours designed for everyone, ensuring that the magic of Venice is experienced by people of all abilities. It’s a journey of inclusion, discovery, and the unparalleled charm of the Floating City. Don’t miss out on this enriching experience—tune in to our podcast now and let the tales of Venice come to life in your ears

You can find Luisella on her blog Seevenice.it and on all social medias as Luisella_romeo .

I hope you will enjoy our chat!

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