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acqua alta

Watch Videos of Acqua Alta

In the last 2 weeks Venice has been taken again to the top of International news due to the exceptional high tide of November 12th 2019 as well as this long period of above average acqua alta days we are having.

I wrote two articles about it, but I thought it might be time for you to see some real life videos of acqua alta.

Acqua Alta is no joke for the people of the city. The night of November 12th was a terrible disaster for many residents and 2 out of 3 businesses are still trying to open and counting the damages. That is no Fun!

So please, do not stop coming to Venice – Venetians need your support. But try to not treat this extraordinary phenomenon as fun: no swimming in Saint Mark’s Square, no splashing about like if you were having the time of your life….thank you!

The first is a video Venezia Risorgi, a poignant video, produced by Wannaboo, directed by Riccardo Vencato and Stefano Pellizzaro,  Color Correction by Nicole Bicego



The second is by my dear friend photographer Benito Jimenez Sauma, taken a few days later, on 24th November 2019, but still lots of high water and damages!



The last but not least is by my Venetian Friend Photographer Marco Contessa!



I hope these videos give you a clear idea that Acqua Alta is not fun for the residents, so please respect Venice!


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