Views of Venice

Best memory of venice

Best memory of Venice: carrying on with our series of posts about which memories people remember the best about Venice, this time it is the turn of Julie Gilley, another Facebook friend, who has travelled to Venice many times but who remembers one in particular.

best memory of venice

Views of Venice

Venice —Not For The Suitcase Laden Traveler!


I credit Venice as being the city that taught me the most valuable travel lesson: pack light!


Ten years ago and still a novice in the world of travel, I landed in Venice. I knew through research that I would take a water taxi to my hotel. What I didn’t know was that my hotel was nowhere near a canal.


With a large roller bag and medium-sized carry-on in hand, I climbed out of the water taxi in front of Piazza San Marco. A million people must have been milling around the square that day because it was difficult to move, much less, navigate with cumbersome luggage in tow.


I pulled out the directions I received from the hotel, got my bearings, and headed down S. Marco Molo. Lo and behold, the first thing I encountered along the way was a bridge. . .a very big bridge. . .with a lot of steps! Not only that, there were a lot of people crossing the bridge; and even more people standing on the bridge taking in the views and snapping photographs. I had no other option but to begin the climb, fighting my way through the hordes of onlookers. Step one. . .step two. . .rest. Step three. . .step four. . .rest. It was a slow process, but I finally made it to the top. Going down didn’t prove to be any faster or easier, but I made it—glad that treacherous endeavor was over!


My elation didn’t last long. Just a short walk down I came to another bridge. Then another. And yet, another. By the time I had reached my hotel, I was dripping in sweat, exhausted and humiliated. I had seen how easily other travelers trekked across those bridges toting their little bags and backpacks. Surely, they were all laughing at me—I looked ridiculous!


best memory of venice

Saint Mark’s square


Oh well, I vowed I wouldn’t think about it for four days—that’s when I’d have to do it all over again to meet my water taxi at Piazza San Marco for the return trip home.


Today, many of the bridges along S. Marco Molo are handicap equipped with ramps. But I like to think I was the inspiration for those ramps in honor of other not-so-saavy travelers who brought along too much luggage!

BIO: Julie Gilley is a European Travel Consultant with My Far and Away Itineraries and specializes in travel to Italy. She shares her travel knowledge and experiences on her blog, Travel With Julie. You can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.


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  • Caroline Webster

    I adore Venice. Living in Australia can make it problematic to get there regularly but so far I’ve been half a dozen times. I remember my first trip (travelling with my sister) when we visited in December. It was as a cold as a witch’s what not and we were totally unprepared for this! I hadn’t realised just how far north it was and how cold it could become. I recall spending an inordinate amount of money on a pair of fur lined gloves. Made the mistake of going high-summer next time around and of course I’ve since come to realise that the cooler months are actually the best to visit. Out of season, no stinky canals and little flooding.

    One of my favourite pastimes in Venice is to TRY to get lost. You know that there are few unsafe places and that eventually, you will find your way home. I found the most amazing restaurant in doing this and also stumbled upon a private church ceremony into which I was unexpectedly invited. I love the neighbouring islands too.

    Thanks for sharing your recollections.


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