podcast on venice

It’s time you listen to podcasts about Venice!


podcast on venice


(If you don’t already!)


Podcasts are among the most popular forms of entertainment available at the moment.

It’s not uncommon to see people listening to podcasts on their way to work, on an afternoon walk, or even while exercising. While some people may not see a difference with the radio, they bring something completely new and refreshing to today’s entertainment market.

Podcasters have managed to brand this new medium as the perfect hybrid between TV and radio.

Where do Podcast originate?



‘Pod’ derives from the tool that hosted the first content released with this format, the Apple iPod.

‘Cast’, on the other hand, is the method of dissemination, that is, the serial release of content relating to the same program and the updating by means of RSS feeds.

The first podcasts were recordings of episodes of radio programs already aired, which were released for listening on a delayed basis.


podcast venice


What is a Podcast?



A podcast is a powerful tool that allows, with little expense, to reach all those who cannot (or do not want) to remain glued to a screen for a long time and to entertain them for a much longer time than today’s video content.

The contents of the podcast tell you about the most diverse topics in order to inspire, entertain, educate / inform, excite a faithful audience. It is, in fact, the audience that seeks them!

A podcast “speaks to you in your ears”: the voice you listen to is mixed with music and sound effects or “the noises of the world it talks about”, which is kind of a film to listen to.


podcast venice



What seems to stand out the most is the peculiar (and perhaps partly unintentional) way in which podcasts spread information. What was once an entirely top-down process has become founded on a more reasonable basis, where individuals with similar experiences share information and news with each other.

With podcasts, it almost seems like there is no medium: simply another person giving their point of view on the world. Whether through comedy, current affairs discussions, educational content or cooking programs, podcasters give the listener an impression of closeness and relatedness that has never really existed in any other form of communication – not even in that of the video.

Perhaps the most obvious element that makes podcasts so unique is the fact that they are the product of a purely auditory experience.

In other words, we are consuming content that arouses our interest without any visual element with which we can compare our reality. When this happens, a barrier dissolves immediately.


podcast venice


While similar in this way to radio shows, podcasts adapt this format to make it more accessible to a generation of listeners who consume content primarily via the Internet and who appreciate having a sense of closeness to their source of information.

This is why, compared to a traditional journalist, newspaper or even a “videocaster”, a podcaster will not present himself as someone who transfers the news to his audience, but more as someone who has a conversation or monologue that we listen to.

Podcasts on Venice


podcast venice



And this is why I love to take part in podcasts talking about Venice.

It gives me more freedom to share information on the city, not worrying about how I look like or about having too short a time to tell news, tips and more on Venice.

So, here is a list of my favourite podcast sites, where I had the opportunity to talk about Venice its history, its food, its people and its culture!

Of course I am now running my own Podcast Series called Venice Talks – you can listen to all episodes here.

I hope you enjoy listening to them as much I enjoyed taking part in them!

And if you want to produce a podcast about Venice and you want me to help you out, just send me a quick email!


podcast venice


Ciao Bella  Cicchetti in Venice

Destination Eat & Drink   Venice

Venetian Secrets by Untold Italy Uncovering the soul of Venice

The Flavor of Italy  The Flavour of Venice 

Studentessa Matta  Andiamo in Italia

The Iceberg Project  Venice 

Gaana Discover the Real Venice

Rick Zullo Venice

Eat like an Italian Venice    



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