XII Culture week in Italy (16th-25th April)

View of Venice

XII Culture week in Italy (16th-25th April)

View of Venice

View of Venice

The MiBAC (Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali) will offer free entry for ten days, starting 16th April, to all state owned art buildings in Italy; monuments, museums, archaeological areas, archives, libraries and much more.

This is called the Culture Week (Settimana della Cultura)

The city of Venice and the province of Venice have joined this event.

This is a list of monuments, museums, archaeological areas, archives, libraries and events which will be offering free entry during Culture week.


Address: Cà D’oro Cannaregio 3932 – Venezia
Opening times: Monday 8.15-14. from Tuesday to Sunday 8.15-19.15
Phone: +390415238790
Fax: +390415222349

Ca' D'Oro by Ezioman

Ca’ D’Oro by Ezioman

Friday 16, at 15.00
Bronzes, medals and badges from former workrooms: tour by Luca Caburlotto (access limited to 20 people)

Tuesday 20 and Thursday, April 22, at 14.00 to 18.00
The art of ceramic workshops and visits to collections
by Francesca Saccardo and Andrea Sola – Promoted by Educational Services (access limited to 20 people, booking essential: 041 5222349)
It proposes an approach to the ancient processes of ceramics with the direct approach to testing techniques of execution, after viewing the exhibits on display.

Wednesday 21, 16.00
A garden between four walls: the still lives of the Ca ‘d’Oro
tour by Isabella Cecchini (access limited to 20 people)

Thursday 22, at 12.00
Dutch and Flemish Drawings from the Accademia: guided tour of the exhibition curated by Mari Pietrogiovanna (access limited to 20 people)

Thursday 22, at 15.00
Landscapes and genre scenes in the collections of the museum: tour by Claudia Cremonini (access limited to 20 people)
A journey through the paintings of the Franchetti Gallery aims to illustrate some moments of the evolution of landscape and genre scene of everyday life in Northern and Italian painting from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Friday 23, at 15.00
Tour along the portraits of the Ca ‘d’Oro: tour by Adriana Augusti (access limited to 20 people)
By Tullio Lombardo Van Dyck: a journey through some masterpieces of portraiture in the Italian and Northern Renaissance, Mannerism and Baroque.

Friday, April 23, at 12 .00
Frescoes furniture northern Europe: the Flemish tapestries of the Ca ‘d’Oro: tour by Michel Scarazzolo (access limited to 20 people)
Europe experienced the art of tapestry wall hangings from the early Middle Ages, but these are rare tapestries. They are the result of a creative technical elaborate and fascinating process. Franchetti Gallery offers the chance to admire and learn from some specimens of sixteenth century Flemish manufactures’ products, the golden age of the tapestry.


Address: Dorsoduro 1050

Campo della Carità – Venezia

Opening times: Monday 8.15 – 14.00, Tuesday-Sunday 8.15 – 19.15

Phone: 0415222247

Fax: 0415212709

E-mail: info@gallerieaccademia.org

Web: www.gallerieaccademia.org

Vaporetto Lines: 1, 2 fermata Accademia

Friday 16,

Acquisitions 2009: two Venetian drawings
presentation by Annalisa Perissa
Will be shown for the first two drawings acquired in 2009 for the collection of graphic drawings of the Cabinet of the Academy. The study of a male figure, drawn in black chalk on blue paper, is the work of Jacopo Tintoretto, preparatory for the painting in the presbytery of the church of San Rocco in Venice in 1567, depicting Saint Roch in prison comforted by an angel. Francesco Guardi is the author of the study for the papal crowd of Pius VI in San Zanipolo, preparatory for the painting now in Cleveland (Ohio).


Ca Pesaro by PavDW

Ca Pesaro by PavDW

Address: Santa Croce 2070
San Stae, Venice
Tel: 0415241173
Fax: 0415241173
Opening: From November 3 to March 31 from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to

17.00 (ticket office closes at 16.00).
Fully closed every Monday
E-mail: @ orientale.artive arti.beniculturali.it
Website: www.arteorientale.org
Vaporetto line: 1 stop San Stae

Friday 16, at 16.00
Masks of the Noh Theatre, faces the spirit alive: in collaboration with University of Venice IUAV and Department of East Asian Studies, Ca ‘Foscari conference by the Master Udaka Michishige. Opportunity to see close up some masks representing the tradition of Noh and go into the details of their creation. Not only artefact display, but works of art that still live on stage through the breath, the voice and the look of the actor.
Master UKADA MICHISHIGE is a unique figure in the world of Noh as an actor and sculptor masks. Has always placed his teaching in a global perspective, teaching the Noh also to foreign students in the International Noh Institute in Kyoto. His masks have been exhibited in Paris, Berlin, Milan and Bologna.

Saturday 17, 11.00
Mandara and phenomenal reality: graphical representation of the enlightened perception
tour by Elisa Giacomello

Esoteric Buddhism spread in the ninth century, the Mandara japanese era considered one of the sacred representations par excellence. Used during rituals and contemplation, his diagram expressing the quintessence of the phenomena perceived by the Illuminati’s own wisdom. Will be considered two kakemono coming from deposits, whose paintings constitute a rare and precious example.

Tuesday 20, at 10.00 to 18.00
Discovering the Museum: adventures among the treasures of a prince
routes by the students of the Institute Gritti of Venice-Mestre

Wednesday 21, at 10.00 to 18.00
Guided tours dedicated to people with visual impairment by Barbara Biciocchi, Fiorella Spadavecchia, Severina Bortolato.

Reservation required at number 041 5241173 or at severina.bortolato @ beniculturali.it

Thursday 22, 15.30
Japanese armourr and restoration presentation by Serena Bidorini, Fiorella Spadavecchia
The museum has an extraordinary collection of Japanesearmourr parade of the Edo period (1600-1868). Back to being exposed after restoration one of the most valuable large armour, or Yoro, made of metal, lacquer, silk, leather. Will discuss the issues of restoration and relocation into a museum

Friday 23, 11.00
A journey through the heights of the Japanese arts, through the eyes of restorer
tour by Barbara Biciocchi

Prospective unusual cuts, magic illusions, mixed feelings of hatred and love.
The ethical and moral basis for the formation of specialized restorer.

Saturday 24, 11.00
Kakemono: Japanese scroll paintings. Cultural expression of art and images
tour by Elena Riu

Presentation of paintings usually kept in storage will be presented in person, construction techniques, materials, meaning. An elegant presentation of new works and historical – cultural context in which they were produced.

25 Sunday, 11.00
Tour dedicated to people with visual impairment edited by Severina Bortolato


Friday 16, Saturday 17, Sunday 18, at 10.00, 12.00, 15.00
from Tuesday, April 20 to Sunday 25 April at 10.00,12.00,15.00

Palazzo Grimani. A patrician residence in Venice of the sixteenth
guided by M. C. Dossi, E. De Leonardis, M. De Paoli, C. Faedo, V. Ferraro, C. Fior, M. Guerrato, M. Scarazzolo, M. Tarantino, D. Tosato, L. Trolese, M. C. Vallicelli

(Reservations required: 041 5200345)

Monday, April 19, at 15.00
Palazzo Grimani tour by Claudio Menichelli (booking essential: 041 5200345)

Wednesday, April 21, at 15.00
Palazzo Grimani tour by Annalisa Bristot (booking essential: 041 5200345)


Address: Piazza Torcello – 30012 Torcello Venice
Phone: 041/730761
Fax: 041/730875
Opening Hours: March 1 to October 31 10:30 to 17:30
Closed Mondays and national holidays
Website: sbmp.provincia.venezia.it / mir / museums / Torcello / home.htm
Vaporetto Lines: LN lines “North Lagoon” and T “Torcello” with a change in Burano.

from 17 April 2010 until April 24, 2010

Free visit to the Provincial Museum of Torcello – Archaeological Section and Section Medieval and Modern.


Sat 17 from 10:00 till 11:30

Tour of the Arsenal preceded by an introductory lesson to the route of access, in room of the Library Dante Alighieri, to meet the expectations of the general public.

Maximum 20 people, booking required phone sig. Bozza 041 2710165

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